Alternatives to Double Glazing

Double glazing is the savvy choice when you want to drive down your heating costs and improve thermal and sonic insulation. But what are the alternatives when you have a period or listed property and you simply can’t replace those period features?

Why Insulate Your Windows?

About 45% of the heat lost in the average home is through the doors and windows. As our heating bills continue to get more and more expensive, then good insulation for your windows becomes more and more critical. Double glazing is amongst the most efficient options, cutting heat loss by 55%, but what alternatives do you have when double glazing isn’t an option?
Creating Better Insulation

Insulating blinds and curtains can be a good alternative to double glazing. Created by sandwiching a layer of insulating material between the face fabric and the lining, they are remarkably effective at insulating your home – in fact, curtains that create a good seal around single-glazed windows can reduce heat loss by 60% or more.
Light and Bright

Shutters and curtains for windows in the South West can be excellent alternatives to replacement windows from a Gloucester double glazing firm like However, they do have one major drawback: all these methods reduce natural light during the day, whereas double glazing lets the daylight in while keeping your home at a warm and comfortable temperature.

If double glazing is simply not an option, then creating a pocket of insulating air between the original window pane and a second glazing panel can be surprisingly effective when combined with other methods like insulated curtains, which produce a 66% reduction in heat loss.
Shut the Shutters

Another alternative to double glazing that’s gaining in popularity is the use of insulated plantation-style shutters. In fact, uninsulated wooden shutters perform almost as well as double glazing, preventing 51% of heat loss in homes where they have been fitted. Add insulation, and shutters can outperform double glazing by preventing 60% of heat loss.
However, there’s no doubt that if you can make the investment in double glazing, there’s is nothing more effective for keeping your home warm and toasty. And if you want to add beautiful plantation shutters or stylish blinds or curtains, then you can make a really significant impact on the amount of heat lost through your windows.

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