Bedroom Redesign for Less: How to Get the Bedroom of Your Dreams Without Breaking the Bank

When it comes to home décor, the bedroom usually gets the short end of the stick. We tend to sink our money into the living room or dining room—areas of the home that guests will see. As such, once you decide to spruce up your bedroom, there might not be a lot of money left in your budget, or you may not want to spend a bunch of money on a room that only you see.
Just because you don’t want to spend a lot on your bedroom doesn’t mean it can’t look amazing. There are plenty of budget-friendly (and even free!) things you can do to turn your room into a relaxing retreat.
There are some things you need to do before you get started:

  1. Get some inspiration

The first step is to get some room inspiration. Clearly, you don’t like your current bedroom, so now you need to figure out what you do like. Look at home décor magazines, blogs, and websites and save images of bedrooms that really speak to you.
Once you’ve collected a good amount of pictures, go back through them and see what they have in common. Pick out concrete details that you like without getting too specific (for example, “button tufting” and “dark gray” instead of “gray headboard with button tufting”).
Now that the creative juices are flowing and you have a better idea of how you want your room to look, it will be easier to keep your design (and your budget) on track.

  1. Take another look

Before you decide you need to gut everything in your room and start completely from scratch, take a good look around. You might find that there are only a few elements to your room that you really hate and they’re dragging everything else down. Or you might decide you pretty much hate everything, but you’ll discover a couple hidden gems.
Either way, keep your photo inspiration from step one on hand to help you determine if there’s anything in your room worth keeping—there usually is.
When you’re looking around take note of if you have enough storage and organizational pieces (this is easiest to do in a clean room). The best way to make a room feel relaxing is to keep it neat, which is difficult to do if you don’t have enough room to store everything.

  1. Make a plan

This is one of the easiest was to save money during the redesign process: make a plan and stick to it. We create a game plan when we go to the grocery store, so it makes sense to make one for something as big as a room makeover.
You know what design elements you want in your room, you know the furniture you need to replace or repair, and you know if there are any pieces you need to purchase. Be sure to think long and hard before you decide something needs to be replaced. There are plenty of DIY articles and videos online, so unless something is really past saving, see if a little TLC can’t bring it back to life.
Now that you’ve set the ground work, it’s time to get started! Here are some budget-friendly ways to get the bedroom of your dreams.

  1. Rearrange your furniture

This is far and above the easiest (and cheapest) way to update your bedroom. The only thing rearranging furniture costs you is your time. If you’ve decided to get rid of furniture or have added new furniture, then a furniture layout switch up is almost a necessity.
You can experiment a lot with furniture arrangement, because if you hate it, it’s easy to put things back how they were before. You can also experiment virtually with an online floor planning tool, or go old school with graph paper and a ruler.
Give you furniture some breathing room. Make sure you have plenty of space to walk around. Try pulling your furniture away from the walls. Angle your bed out from a corner. The smaller your bedroom, the more creative you’ll have to get, but there are still plenty of ways to get a fresh look.

  1. Update your bedding

New sheets and pillows can instantly transform a bedroom. Nothing feels better than sinking into hotel-quality bedding at the end of a long day. If you have extra money in your budget, this is the place to splurge.
Opt for the highest thread count you can afford. In the interest of saving money, go for a more neutral color. That way, if you decide to switch up your room’s color scheme down the road, you won’t have to buy new bedding all over again.
Buy a duvet instead of a comforter. Duvet covers are relatively inexpensive, come in a variety of colors and patterns, and can be switched out on a whim. If you want to change up your comforter, you have to buy another comforter.
Really pile on the accent pillows. Nothing makes a bed feel more inviting than a mountain of plush looking pillows. You can definitely save some money on the accent pillow front. There are so many cute and stylish ones on the market for cheap, and since you won’t actually be sleeping on them, their real level of comfort doesn’t matter—they just need to look comfortable.

  1. Shop your home

Before you decide to run out and buy a new nightstand, look around your home for any furniture that’s hiding in the basement or has been tucked into a corner. An old desk can pull double duty as a nightstand and a place to get work done. An old bar stool that’s just the right size for a bedside lamp and a book might add a fun, eclectic vibe.
If the color of a piece doesn’t look great in your room, that’s an easy fix! Remove the old stain and re-stain or paint the furniture in a color that’s more in-line with your room’s color scheme.
This isn’t just limited to furniture. You might also find artwork, knick knacks, and other treasures that feel out of place in one room, but will look amazing in your bedroom.

  1. Fix up older items

If there’s an old piece of furniture in your room that you really hate and want to replace, take another look at it. It’s hard to love your room when there are pieces that are broken or damaged. Before you give up on your existing furniture, show it a little love.
Replace old hardware, repaint or re-stain, fill in knicks and scratches, and fix that wobbly table leg and you might find that your existing furniture is actually just right.

  1. Change up your walls

A fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference, even if you’re just freshening up the existing color. Or, go extra bold with funky wallpaper. Either way, changing up the walls can really change the look and feel of a room.
If painting a whole room is too much work or money, create an accent wall. An accent wall can be subtle (for example if the rest of your walls are white, paint the accent wall off-white or a very light pastel shade), or it can be loud and bold.
Accent walls are great because they can add vibrancy and life to a room without being overbearing. Choose a dark, cozy shade or an energetic and vibrant shade and really transform your space.
If you like the idea of wallpapering your room, but don’t want to make the commitment (it’s a real pain to remove!), you can use a stencil instead. You can buy a stencil, or DIY one depending on your budget and artistic skill level.
If you do plan to change up your walls, do this last. It’s much easier to find a paint color that matches your décor than it is to find décor that matches your paint.

  1. Add some artwork

Artwork is a great way to make a room really feel like it’s yours. Whether it’s family photos, abstract prints, or art you’ve made yourself, it’s the perfect way to add a personal touch.
Whether it’s one, bold statement piece, or a bunch of small pieces, you want to make sure your art is hung correctly or else it will look seriously out of place. Use this guide to learn how to hang art and get some ideas on the type of art you should add to your bedroom.

  1. Light it up

Making sure your bedroom has great lighting can do wonders for the ambience. Most bedrooms consist of ambient lighting (this is light that comes through the window and from the overhead light) and task lighting (light from bedside lamps, desk lamps, etc.).
Nixing the overhead ambient light in favor of task lighting and floor lamps can create a space that’s warm and cozy. If you like having overhead light, switch out the stark white light bulb for something softer and warmer. Install a dimmer switch so you can bring down the ambient lighting at the end of the day.
If you find you don’t have enough task lighting, you can find plenty of awesome lamps without spending a tone of money. You also might have a lamp elsewhere in your home that never gets used. Or, if you have a lamp in your room that works, but that you don’t love, switch out the lamp shade and paint the base to create something new.

  1. Bring the outside in

Plants are a great way to spruce up a room and they’re super affordable! Make your plants look elegant in clear glass vases, or choose clay pots for an earthy vibe. You can also paint the vases or pots for a completely unique look.
If you travel a lot (or don’t have a green thumb), opt for fake flowers and greenery. You can also check out this list of hard to kill houseplants or go to your nearest nursery and get some expert advice if you really want the real thing.
Houseplants and flowers are a great way to add color and vibrancy to your bedroom. Choose something that goes with your color scheme for a sophisticated look, or go bold with contrasting colors.  You can’t go wrong! And—bonus—houseplants clean the air, so you’re getting both style and better air quality for the price of one.
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