Best Roofing Options for Florida

What do you think the best roof could be possibly in Florida? If you have a home in Florida you definitely need to read this article. Florida is a place facing various weather conditions like heat, sun etc so what could be possibly the best roof. Let’s find out
Composition shingles
So composition shingles are like one of the most common and affordable roof materials that are used. They are very common across the whole country. Composition shingles are made up of asphalt or fiberglass and the advantage about them is that they are clean looking. They don’t attract dust particles so they are free from dirt. But they even come with a disadvantage. They are very light so during the windy seasons or hot scars these get easily blown off
The Popular Clay Tiles
Clay tile is the most popular and one of the most religiously followed roof top trends in Florida. Clay tile comes with a lot of pros and cons both. Clay tiles are much more durable and long lasting than composite shingles. Another advantage is that Clay tile is also resistant to dust. Not much dust particles get attracted to it and moreover, it doesn’t require much of care. The problem that comes with Clay tiles is that these tiles are very heavy in nature. Due to their excessive weight, they require extra support plus they are also fragile in nature causing to which they can break if walked on. So, therefore, Clay tiles have both its advantages and setbacks. Choose wisely
The newly introduced Concrete Tiles
Concrete tiles are new in business. In a less time, only this type of roofing had seen a rapid growth. With time people are getting aware and are improving their choices. Since concrete tiles are new to the field they have good and bad both. With the name, it can be suggested that concrete tiles are made of concrete and due to its materialistic nature they are durable and long lasting and even low maintenance. The drawback of this type of roofing is that they are expensive and come with material curling and sometimes they are even prone to color changing.
Metal Roofing
As the name suggests “metal” metal roofs are made up of metals. Previously these metal roofs were made up of zinc, lead or copper but now most of them are made up of steel. Metal roofs are such in characters that they can be made to duplicate things like wood shakes, Clay tiles, shingles or even Victorian metal tiles. Suck kind of roofs are free from maintenance and are very durable in nature. They also help in keeping the home cooler and lowering down the temperature by reflecting the sunlight and other heating materials. It has a disadvantage also of being expensive. Done Rite Roofing, the roof maintenance experts in Clearwater, Florida, is the best in providing both the tiles and advise for your roofs.

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