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In Indian culture, carpets have occupied their own space. Indian rugs and carpets are not just famous in India but the authentic, eccentric and unique patterns are appreciated worldwide. Indian culture is rich in art and craft. Since ages carpets and rugs are being woven in India. Carpets and rugs signify luxurious life and at the same time they are very comfortable to be used. Carpets and rugs provide sense of ease. Design of carpets captivates eyes and makes it worth watching the unique patterns woven on them.

What are carpets and rugs?

Carpets are a floor covering material which is made up of textiles. Carpet and rugs both are used for the same purpose and manufactured in same way. Carpets and rugs have always been an important part of decors.

Carpet and rugs are the cloth or fabric made sheets which are thick enough and are used to cover the floor. They are kind of mats which are used to enhance beauty of room.

Carpets and rugs are used in dining halls, drawing rooms, bed rooms and also guest rooms. Carpets and rugs are used to enhance and embrace beautiful looks indoors. You will never be bored of seeing them because of art, craft and designs done on carpets. They are captivating, there designs and patterns will always keep your eyes busy.

Indian carpets

Carpets and rugs in India are still made manually at various places. The ones who weave carpets are ace at their working of craft they are trained by their ancestors and so they persists the custom of manufacturing carpets. Now many industries have established for this work.

Where commonly carpets and rugs are used?

  • In hilly areas, where the atmosphere is extremely chilly carpets are used. It is hard to step on floor so these carpets have made life simple in such areas as they provide heat and soothing walkway for their feet.
  • In houses carpets and rugs are used for decoration and to embrace beauty with its authentic designs.
  • In drawing rooms, bedrooms, and dining room to provide comfortable base to feet.
  • Carpets and rugs are used in house of prayers.
  • Carpets and rugs are used in functions and parties.

 Buy carpets and rugs online

Now, rugs and carpets India online are available in many designs and patterns. Carpets may have Indian culture design, western, Arabic designs and much more.

You can buy carpets and rugs online. There are many online stores and shops which provide unique range of carpets and also assure good quality of manufacturing material at very reasonable price value.

The rugs and carpets India online are in great demand now, rugs and carpets India online comes in all kind of fibers wool, cotton, acrylic and nylon. But nylon is commonly chosen for making carpets because it is strongest fiber and can bear heavy traffic above it.s

You can also buy carpets and rugs online of good grade quality and also at affordable price.

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