Changing Scenario in the Doorknob Front: Modern House Fittings

Door knobs, though the underdog, are the first to receive any visitor to the house. People do not stop to appreciate one since every single doorknob looks like the other. And that is saying a lot.

Functional character of knobs
One does not want the doorknobs to look the same. All the doorknobs in the house may look similar but they must stamp their character in the matter of their appearance if not their functional aspect. And what kind of functional difference does one expect? A singing, dancing doorknob? Hardly, since that is not in the character of doorknobs.
Doorknobs are meant to be integral with the door. They are the silent guardians who allow you to enter rooms or open cabinets and stay waiting to serve more people. Indeed, they must be rugged to stand all the pulling and tugging that goes with the door and the cabinet. So much so, cheap cabinet knobs and pulls though functional may not last long.
And thinking about it, one can hardly save anything but compromising on the quality of the knobs and pulls. It is as important as having quality paint on your walls. They do not support the walls but they make them look impressive. That is why one sees such a huge variety in the door knobs.
Different materials for door knobs
One can have door knobs of glass just as easy as one gets knobs made of steel. The difference is obvious  one is made to last, while the other is made to give the aesthetic charm. And that is not a bad thing either. One must match the interior décor and one cannot match a costly interior with a cheap door knob.
Special door knobs
One need not go overboard and have diamond doorknobs. One can opt for a decent ceramic doorknob with good painting on them. It is the silent statement of class and the door knobs manufacturers India has at present, know how to create ones with the right amount of sophistication to match the functionality.
Have you ever pushed on a door and found it locked? Hardly surprising since the function of the knobs is to provide safety. Electronic door knobs and automatic self-locking and self-opening doors are entering the scene through the Internet of Things. People just dont want to stop at the door anymore!
Will the doorknob and pull disappear altogether? The thought gives us pause but life must go on. We will need knobs for some more time yet. Choose something that reflects your outlook on life and make it count. Doorknobs are the raisins in your pudding, make them enjoyable for all those who see them.
Preserve the harmony
One must keep the interior homogeneous in the sense one cannot have teakwood doors and coconut shells for doorknobs. You can have coconut shells in the shack by the seaside but for your house you must choose good durable material with some class to it. The choice ranges from ceramic to glass to steel and marble.
Choose a good quality doorknob because your children will remember you for it. Your neighbours will admire you for it. And you will have a pleasing ambience in your house.

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