Choose Perfect Vanity Cabinets For Your Bathroom

Selecting the vanity cabinets can make or break the look of your bathroom. So, it is very important to plan and design bathroom vanities. Bathroom vanities are the hardest working closets in any home. Whether your taste is modern, traditional or somewhere in between, your bathroom vanity should have both functional factor and aesthetic factor as it is the main focal point of the bathroom. There are numerous choices available when it comes to selecting a vanity cabinet. In general, you need to consider two major things while you choose the bathroom vanity cabinets such as their design and space utilization. You can choose from the variety of materials, styles, and also play around with plenty of color combinations to give a luxurious and modern look to your bathroom vanity. Vanity cabinets are used for multiple purposes and they provide the places to put hairdryers, shaving kits, towels, and other toiletries.

Tips to Select Vanity Cabinets

Before you start off with your vanity cabinet project, it is important to consider a few factors that help you to successfully finish the project. Following are some of the aspects that you’ve to keep in mind when making your decision:

#1 Storage needs: If you have multiple family members using a single bathroom then dresser kind of vanity is a great option for your family because you will get plenty of storage space for keeping toiletries and cleaning supplies. On the other hand, if you’ve got a guest bathroom, which is utilized rarely, then you can opt for a cabinet featuring open storage.
#2 Measurement: Basically, the size of the vanity is determined by the size of the bathroom. Larger and double bathroom vanity cabinets are most suitable for larger bathrooms, while smaller vanities are perfect for smaller bathrooms. If you are going with larger vanities, make sure you leave enough space for foot traffic. So, know your bathroom dimension before choosing bathroom vanity. For the small bathroom, you can also choose the wall mounted bathroom vanity cabinets. They can save the maximum space of your small bathroom.
#3 Style and color selection: Make sure your vanity color and style match the existing decor of your home. Modern bathroom vanities are suitable for homes that have contemporary look, whereas antique vanity cabinets are suitable for traditional looking homes. Also, there is a wide range of color selection and hence, choose the one which is most suitable for your bathroom.
#4 Consider the usage: We all need enough space in the bathroom to keep brushes, creams, and other toiletries. Even though you decide to follow the minimalist approach, practically, it may not be possible for everyday use. Always choose the cabinets which can provide you rust and water resistant capacity, and also check the warranty of these vanity cabinets before you choose.
#5 Care and maintenance: As you’re choosing materials for vanity cabinets, it is very important to keep the bathroom atmosphere in mind. If you’re buying cabinets for the family bathroom, then cabinet material should be able to withstand more heat and humidity. Also, remember that complex detailing and grout lines in cabinet tops require additional time to clean.
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If you’re overwhelmed at the thought of choosing vanity cabinets, you can hire professionals and let them design the perfect vanity cabinet for you. You can visit showrooms or have the online conversation with design experts. So, when it comes to designing bathroom vanities, make sure you’ve done your homework and chosen the right cabinets for your bathroom vanity.

Now you can also customize your bathroom cabinets and for that, you need to hire professional designers. They will take the measurements of your bathroom and design the vanity cabinets according to your budget.

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