Different Types of Pool Shades

Ranging from portable pool shades to permanent units, there are many companies in the market who sell shades that provide a quality experience for everyone at home. While protecting family and friends from the burning sunlight and heavy rain and winds, these pool shades add a level of sophistication and aesthetic value to the entire property. Some of the different types of pool shades are as follow-
This is a type of pool shades that are available in two unique styles.

  • The pop-up
  • The cantilevered styles

The cantilevered style is fixed to a pole that is freestanding and runs through a crank mechanism. This sophisticated mechanism allows the user to move the canopy according to the position of the sun. Overall, it provides optimal protection from the rising of the sun to the setting of the sun. Higher is the value of the rotation of the tilt, greater the maneuverability is offered by the umbrella. Hence, it is very important for the user to keep the umbrella stable even when it is bent.
One more variation is the pop-up umbrella that functions similarly like a regular umbrella. It has to be simply pushed up to be activated. This type of umbrella is useful only when the sun is shining directly on top of the head.
Overall Cover: If the pool is small and its shape is circle, the house owner can go for an overall pool shade that covers the complete pool. This is a type of pool shades that measures a little over the circumference of the pool. Because of the oversized nature of this pool cover rain water does not enter the pool. The other advantage of this type of pool shade is that it allows individuals to enjoy a swim even when it is raining.
The ¾th Cover: If an individual likes the combination of the shade and the sun, then he should go for a 3/4th cover-type of pool shades that allows sunlight to peek into the pool. The best advantage of this cover is that it allows individuals to toggle between the coolness of the shade and the warmth of the sun without getting out the pool.
Overhead Cover: If the existing pool starts from one side of the property and ends on the other side, the house owner might like less space to be occupied by the fixture that is required to fit the cover. The shade starts with the poles on one of the sides and stretches across the length of the pool. The area covered by the shade depends on the preference of the customer.
3 Side Stretched Shade: This type of pool shades offers a class of experience to the entire area of the pool. It is very useful for small pools because it covers more than three-fourths the entire size of a pool. Since this type of pool shades is available in white, it makes the entire space look cheerful and welcoming.
Complete Covering: This type of cover is the best suited for a hotel, gym, or a club. Also, this shade is built for a very strong structure. Since it covers a complete area of the pool, it allows very little light to penetrate into the pool environment.
The other type of pool shades is the pavilion style. It is very similar to the carport type of canopy and is very well-supported by poles made of aluminum, contains a steel truss, and resembles a circus tent. Since these pool shades are stylish, they usually tend to be more expensive than their car counterparts.

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