Eco Friendly Flooring Options

Environmentally speaking, when it comes to flooring, it’s all about green. Of course, that means responsible sourcing and sustainability rather than the colour, although a green-coloured floor is also a possibility if you fancy it.
These days, opting for green does not have to mean compromising on style. There are lots of choices available to you. Some flooring is better suited to different rooms depending on what takes place there, so do some work to determine the best options for you.

We’re all familiar with oak as a wooden floor choice, but bamboo is an excellent alternative and is much more readily available. It’s just as easy to maintain as other hardwood or engineered flooring. However, because it is softer, it is more prone to damage from dents and scratches.
Depending on your personal green focus, it’s worth noting that bamboo is generally imported, so consider the carbon emissions in transportation when assessing its green credentials. Speak to specialist retailers like woodfloor warehouse for the full lowdown on colours and styles of all wood floors.
Flooring Options
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Once found on car tyres and children’s playgrounds only, rubber is finally making a move into our homes and is a great choice in bathrooms and kitchens where resistance to water is important. If you like to spend a lot of time cooking, the shock-absorbent qualities of rubber are also beneficial to support you standing for a period of time. It does degrade faster than some other options, so you might need to replace it after about 20 years.
Recycled Glass
We’ve all heard the mantra “reduce, reuse, recycle,” and if that’s important to you, using recycled glass is a wonderful option. It is beautiful and comes in a huge range of colours. Whilst it takes some time to install, it is very easy to maintain after that. Use it where you might consider tiles, and enjoy the effect of the light refracting around the room.
Once you have chosen the floor, see Interiorholic for more ideas on what to do with the rest of your décor.
There are lots of other options depending on the look and style you’re trying to create. Beautiful stone flagstones are perfect in an old farmhouse, and concrete gives a very contemporary or even industrial feel to a space.

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