How to choose the right commercial dishwasher for your business

Selecting the perfect dishwasher for your business can be difficult owing to the copious choices available. Here we look at the various sizes and types of dishwasher to help you establish which is the most suitable for your business.

Undercounter dishwashers
The undercounter dishwasher, which can also be free standing, is small enough to suit the more compact kitchen and those that need less racks per hour. The majority of undercounter commercial dishwashers can clean approximately 20 to 35 racks in an hour, meaning they are suitable for smaller restaurants, childcare facilities or cafes that need something more effective than an ordinary dishwasher.

Passthrough dishwasher
These resemble the undercounter dishwasher; however, they are more robust at dealing with high volumes of dishes. They are therefore suitable for larger businesses, such as restaurants that seat 80 plus people, as they can clean between 50 and 60 racks per hour.
Commercial kitchens should have separate dishwashers for glasses to prevent oil from other items transferring onto the glassware, which can be difficult to clean. If you want your glasses cleaned efficiently and thoroughly, a simple undercounter glasswasher – with some detergent – will handle the job; even better. there are models with both lower and upper wash arms to wash glassware more effectively.
To protect taller and more delicate glassware, you should consider dishwashers with soft start wash pumps to protect glasses from breaking, and those that use both rinse aid and detergent to produce exceptionally clean results.
Tunnel machines
These are more suitable for bigger businesses that would benefit from an automated unit that can wash high volumes of dishes. Tunnel machines, which can be immense, are available from suppliers such as They operate using a conveyor process that move racks through the wash, rinse and sanitation compartments, cleaning in excess of 9,000 plates in one hour. Some of these are produced to operate under the control of one person, while two people are needed for flight-type units.
Utensil dishwashers
These are perfect for bulk caterers and for food manufacturers that do not use much crockery or cutlery. Go for models that have ample clearances for bigger items and strong wash pumps to guarantee pots and pans get an efficient clean.

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