How to Uncramp Small Spaces Using Big Ideas

Small homes and almost all other spaces are the new big in the modern world. With the boost in big city populations, the price of land is the highest it has ever been now and designers and owners are designing new ways of making the most of the limited space that is available to them. Most of these ideas not only provide a much functional approach but also maximize the small amount of space that might be available in the small interiors. Although there is no Genie to be put in a lamp here, still these creative ideas provide maximum utilization of whatever usually unused spaces around the interiors.

The beauty of most of these outstanding ideas is that they don’t require any additional space but just the better management of already existing areas all around interiors. However, some of these will require bit of effort and careful planning. Here are a few ideas on how to uncramp small spaces using big ideasin smaller interiors, more specifically domestic houses or apartments:

Sliding Functional Separators

Smaller apartments or houses normally don’t have dedicated bigger halls or living rooms. Most of the times flats, apartments or even city houses have just the one slightly bigger sized hall that they have to manage as their dining, living or family rooms all in one. Dividing that room into each particular dedicated room is not a possibility with these smaller sized areas.

However, the best solution in this case scenario is to implement space separators intelligently. Faceted plywood panels attached to a black metal framework that can slide and shift position to look like a wall design when required and act as a space separator between a small sized kitchen and a living room with sofas and chairs in it is a great idea. When looking for ideas on how to uncramp small spaces using big ideas, the separation of spaces this one is able to provide certainly has its benefits.

Bed and Storage Is All There Is

Although this idea might be taken directly from the Mickey Mouse cartoons, the implementation is this is very practical and is best implemented in a very tiny room where there is not much space left around the bed area. You will need duvet level storage cabinets and the bed of course that also has large sized storage drawers at it’s under side. Throw in a small book shelf for added elegance and your small bedroom is ready to be used whenever required with a comfy cozy bed and all the storage you will ever need in it.

The cherry on top with this one is a sliding panel of doors that can turn the whole arrangement into a separate private pod of sorts. Fit huge wall mirrors on the inner side of the sliding doors and you have your dressing arrangement right on your bed as well. The practicality of this small idea is pretty big.

Stairway Tidy Storage

Stairway is almost always a wasted space in most houses or interiors. However, there is so much potential with it. Large sized storage compartments and drawers can easily be fitted into the staircase bottom sides because apart from the solid wood stair pillars or bars, most the wood is just here to hide the clunky looks and nothing else.

Replace that wasted wood with sliding drawers or door opening cabinets and you have your large storage right where you didn’t expect it. The size of the storage area available allows for the biggest drawers and storage cabinets in the entire house. You can easily store all you duvets and pillows that require extra storage space in there without having to dedicate any rooms or other storage areas for them.

Floor to Ceiling Storage

Not being biased to storage here but truthfully, in small apartments or spaces, storage is something that gets overlooked a lot and its presence (or the lack of it) is felt once people start using their houses and living in them. A great idea to overcome that is to install floor to ceiling storage in smaller sized study rooms or living rooms. These are basically vertically installed big sized drawers or cabinets that are often made from wood.

Once installed, these bigger sized drawers or cabinets will allow for books, excessive clothing, duvets and blankets or any other major not frequently used items in the house to be stored away safely and at hand whenever required as well. Put a matching floor and an appropriately sized table in front of the drawer and cabinet wall with a large sized glass window that has semitransparent curtains on it to create a visibly pleasing effect that looks bigger than its actual size as well. When looking for practical implementations on how to uncramp small spaces using big ideas, this tucks all the storage items away leaving space for other uses free.

Make a Big Entrance

They say “first impression is the last impressions” and that doesn’t go unheard at all. Entrances are the first landing point for people into the houses and should be given as much attention as possible. Install a large wall mirrorin the entrance or decorate it with large sized wall art even when the entrance is not as big as you would’ve liked. This has the ability to make the impression of a much bigger space and set the visitor or house owner in the right mood of thinking everything to be bigger than it actually is.

There should be no objects place in front of the main entrance wall that can make the space look cramped. By installing a large mirror on the wall, you can ensure through hefty reflections that the impression that gets laid on the viewer’s mind is of a much larger space. Additionally, the mirror will reflect correct amounts of light into every direction further enhancing the wider feel of the entrance successfully, same holds true for a large sized wall art as well when it comes to providing a much bigger field of view to the viewer.

Big Wall Decorations

Call us illusionists if you may but this idea is purely based on creating an illusion of a much bigger space than it actually is. Large sized wall decorations don’t just stop at the entrances. One big wall decoration (at least) should be implemented in every room on the main wall. The large sized decoration on each wall, whether it be an art picture, a huge wall clock or any other decoration you chose to put up there will create a lasting illusion of a much bigger wall and room regardless of its actual size.


You should avoid blocking the view of that large wall decoration completely. Avoid placing any bigger sized objects near or in front of it and leave the whole wall are mainly empty aside the decoration you placed on it. This can also be implemented in the form of a giant TV as well. Just be as creative as you want with this idea and it will serve you a good purpose. Ensure the main wall with the large decoration has proper light thrown at it as well in order for the illusion to work perfectly.

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