Ideas for landscaping your garden

Where to start

Re-designing your garden is an exciting prospect. You may desire somewhere to relax, or an area for children. Maybe you want a garden design that is easier to maintain. Whatever your intention, garden landscaping is the ideal way to provide an attractive environment and a practical layout that fits your requirements.

landscaping your garden

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Professional help

It is a good idea to employ a landscape designer and gardener to bring your dream to life. A qualified engineer is a must if you need to deal with gas, electricity or water pipes.

Considerations before you start

Do research before you start. Look online and make mood boards. Visit garden centres, gardens open to the public and garden shows for inspiration. Look at your plot and think about how plants will change through the seasons. Hard landscaping should be completed if possible during the winter so the garden is prepared for planting in the spring.

landscaping your garden

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Different garden themes

Formal gardens are neat and geometric, while relaxed gardens consist of organic curves. Materials are more cost effective when building in straight lines – if your design is curved, use more flexible materials such as gravel or drystone styles.

Landscaping themes range from rustic to modern. Contemporary gardens may include mirror, metal and concrete themes; these can work in classic herbaceous gardens too.

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Landscaping materials

Common landscaping materials are bricks, timber and decking, paving, aggregates and sand, concrete, mortar, damp proof membrane, and exterior paints.

Hire a skip for large amounts of debris and rubble (apply to your local council). A cement mixer or a digger may also be needed, and you have to think about waste removal. Consult your local council to find the most appropriate method or talk to your contractor.

Planning permission

Planning rules differ depending on where you live. Contact your local council before starting, especially if you are close to a Conservation Area. See for information.

Which plants to choose

A pleasant choice of flowers, trees and shrubs will be attractive year-round. Consider soil, sun, exposure and shade, and think about different hues in bedding plants. Flowers and plants in pots provide moveable colour.

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