New HVAC System Installation Vs. Heating Repair

It is always better to opt for a licensed service provider for installation and repair of heating and cooling systems in NY.

While a lot of individuals agree that shivering in the height of winter can be terrible, there are an equal number of people negating that. They are adamant about maintaining that suffering the intense heat in summer is possibly the worst that anyone can bear. Sure, the argument goes on and on with no respite in sight. However, there is absolutely no benefit in squabbling about it. The time has come to check out the most effective system that can help to heat as well as cool according to the climatic condition.

Modern day homeowners do not want to be bothered about a single form of heating installation in Staten Island though. The most effective choice is a quality HVAC system that is installed carefully by top electricians who have the requisite license as well as a long reputation for performing to standards. Sure, it might prove to be a trifle more expensive than installing a single furnace or heater as well as opting for heating repair in Queens, but a good system that takes care of the entire heating along with the cooling needs within a house has a positive role to play in controlling the pollution as well.

Plus points of installing a HVAC system

  • Air Quality – Sure, the air outside might be exceedingly cold and it hurts to breathe in the thick of winter. Strangely, the air inside a closed home is believed to be at least 2 to 3 times inferior than the air outdoors and can prove to be injurious to health in the long run. A common cold tends to last longer when cooped up indoors in winter while breathing the air heated via a furnace or boiler. The HVAC system is equipped to facilitate an exchange of air constantly whence the fresh air from outside is filtered once again before being heated and circulated indoors. The air quality is improved greatly therefore and EPA can find no fault either.

  • Energy efficiency – Yes! There is no room to contest the fact that installing a HVAC unit is indeed more expensive than a gas operated furnace. Yet the long term energy costs are cut drastically resulting in progressively lower utility bills every month. Since the system has the capacity of both cooling and heating packed into a single unit, the power usage happens to be much less in comparison to the conventional heating units. The nature of the coolant as well as the renewable energy usually utilized to power the system all contribute to the conservation of energy that is directly translated into reduced energy bills.

  • Moisture – The continuous exchange of air between the outdoors and indoors courtesy the HVAC system can help to lessen the moisture content too. This not only improves the air quality but also discourages the growth of molds and mildew in dark corners that are no longer dank and unhealthy.

Almost all users of the HVAC system agree that it has a positive effect on the living conditions both in summer as well as winter. The health of the residents is vastly improved as a result while there is little or no structural damage caused to the property. A win-win situation indeed!

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