Penticton – Preparing your Home’s Exterior For A Sale

Exterior For A Sale

When prepping a house for a sale, owners typically spend much of their time readying the interior while largely ignoring the outside of the home. However, the exterior of the home is as important as the inside. A tidy, regularly maintained and well-tended property is more likely to sell. There are many suggestions regarding the staging of your interior rooms but contemplate staging the outside as well.

Seeing your home from a potential buyer’s point of view and looking at elements such as the roof, the fence and the exterior walls may give you a much-needed perspective on what needs to be repaired or cleaned. An experienced home stager in the Penticton real estate market suggests some things to consider when you are staging the outside of your home.

  1. Tend to the Exterior Walls 

First impressions are important when attempting to sell a home so make sure the outside walls are in tip-top shape before you list it. If you have siding that is damaged or missing take a trip to the hardware store and fix or replace it. Weathered or peeling paint is worth investing time into, though you do not necessarily have to do the whole house. Paint over the worst of it and touch up window and door frames. 

  1. Clean the Gutters

If a potential buyer sees eave troughs full of leaves and other gunk it might lead to them wondering how well the home has been maintained under your ownership. Also gutters are necessary to keep water from negatively impacting the home’s foundation due to mould or damage caused by moisture. Water can also get into the roof of the house if eaves are sagging or clogged with rotting debris.

  1. Fix a Cracked or stained Driveway 

A tidy and well-maintained driveway helps add to the curb appeal of your property. If yours happens to be cracked or stained you should fix it as it can point to problems down the road for new owners. There are products on the market to fill or patch up any cracks or chips and remove stains. If you have a dirt or gravel driveway fill in the potholes and dips and rake it so it is smooth.

  1. Beautify the Front Porch

Your front door welcomes visitors into the home so creating a nice porch adds to the inviting nature of your residence. Making sure it is in good shape with fresh paint or stain and solid steps and railings adds to the curb appeal. If you have the room buy some planters with blooming flowers or herbs in them as this creates an even prettier entrance.

  1. Repair Damaged Fences and Crooked Gates

If your fence is leaning or missing any panels it makes your home appear as if it has been poorly maintained and it may create a run-down look. Fences tend to get sun damaged which can cause paint to peel so be sure to re-paint or re-stain it before any tours or open houses. Look to see if your gate is hanging straight and if it is crooked put some work into repairing it. 

  1. Roof Maintenance

One of the first things a realtor and potential buyer looks at on the exterior of the house is the roof. Any educated house hunter knows it is important to know the age of it and whether or not it is in good shape. If there moss growing on it go to the store and buy one of the many products that can help get rid of it. Missing or damaged shingles need to be replaced or repaired so the roof appears well-maintained.

  1. Landscape the Front and Back Yard

The front yard is a part of the first impression and typically the back yard is the last impression. After touring the inside of the house the realtor leads buyers into the back yard. It is a good idea to create a welcoming and inviting space where they can imagine their kids playing or having their friends over for barbecues. Lawns should be freshly mowed and bushes and trees trimmed and pruned.

  1. Create a Lounge Area on the Back Deck

A nice back patio can almost serve as another room if it is done up right. Many people love hanging out on their deck on warm summer evening so put some work into it and make it an inviting place potential buyers can imagine themselves in. This can entice a buyer to put in an offer.

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