Safety Tips To Prevent Injuries When Moving

Moving can be a stressful journey because it requires a good deal of bending, pushing and pulling. Moving home is hectic and toughest because start to end it requires a lot of effort and hard work. From packing items to lifting heavy furniture, everything needs care and if not handled carefully the chances of injury increases. This is why it is suggested to hire professional packers and movers for a smooth and stress free move. Professional moving companies such The House Removal known for the best house removals Purley have experienced teams. They expertly handle all the items and do the heavy lifting. But if you’re doing it yourself, consider these safety tips that will ensure safe and injury free move.

Safety Tips To Prevent Injuries When Moving

Planned And Organized Moving Strategy

Proper planning and management is a key to a smooth transition. So, it is significant to pre-plan and organize a move in advance to ensure easy and hassle free move. Consider packing the items and labeling the moving boxes ahead of time to avoid any injury.

Avoid Over Packing

It is very difficult to move the heavy boxes and the chances of injury increase when you lift a heavy or overloaded box. So, while packing your belongings make sure that a moving box does not exceed the 50 pounds. Avoid over packing so it will be easy for you to move and lift the moving boxes without any injury.

Keep Moving Boxes Closer

Another great tip is to store or place all the moving boxes closer to truck or moving vehicle. So, when you complete packing, then set all the moving boxes near to the main gate so you can easily move them. Use the diagonal method and keep box closer to your body, it will ease the stress on your back and neck.

Use Right Moving Equipment

There are several moving equipment and supplies such as cart dolly, moving trailer, crates, ramp board, straps and more. You can either buy or rent some necessary moving equipment or tools. The straps and dolly are very useful for moving heavy objects without any back pain.

Safety Tips To Prevent Injuries When Moving

Hire A Professional Moving Company

 It is highly recommended to hire a right moving company who offers complete house removal services like a leading company of London is known for best house removals service epsom offer professional packing and moving services. They specialized in house and office removals. A professional moving company can handle everything from start to end and allow you to just watch without breaking your back.

Don’t Involve Pets And Kids

In order to avoid any damage or harm, don’t involve the pets and kids in the moving process. The moving equipment and tools like machinery and sharp tools are dangerous for the kids and pets. So, it is important to Keep them away from the home on the moving day. You can ask your family or friends for cooperation.

Moving Don’ts

In order to stay safe and reduce the chances of injury when moving,  don’t carry more than one box at a time and don’t even try to carry heavy items on your shoulders or head. Don’t move items that you feel too heavy. 

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