Tips for home staging that every stylist should know

Real estate styling entails many things. Some people get overwhelmed by the details during home staging. It is important to begin by fixing the obvious blunders before going to the complicated stuff. Once the obvious things have been fixed, it will be very easy because everything else will unveil itself. Here are some important tips that every home stylist should know.

Keep it simple

First, start by keeping it less because the décor should be simple. Some people want to complicate things and end up in a position where they can’t even understand the theme of the room. If it is the bedroom, make sure the essential things are in the room such as a bed, beddings, a chair, wardrobe and nice lamp sheds. Don’t try those complicated pirate themes because not everyone will like them.

Don’t personalise

Personalisation should be the work of the buyer and not yours. During house styling choose wisely the design because if you don’t understand your market, you will end up decreasing your pool of buyers. Do not put portraits of your favourite actors on the wall because they might not please the buyer. You can use common things such as portraits of mountains and birds. If you aren’t sure, don’t use portraits at all.

The colours

If you want your house to sell faster, choose neutral colours. Consider every surface such as the floors and wall. You should not make the buyer start thinking about how much money and time they will spend on the house trying to repaint it. You should make everything easy for the buyer.


Cleanliness will impress everyone because there is no one that likes to live in a dirty house. During real estate styling, scrub everything. If necessary, you can rent a carpet shampooer. This will increase the value of your home.

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