Tips to Get The Most out of Your AC System This Summer

Which home appliance do you value the most? If you are a Florida resident, we can guess what your answer would be— the AC, of course. Be it a crowded tourist destination like Tampa or a suburb like New Port Richie, you will hardly find a house in the entire state that does not feature an air conditioning unit. In a state where summer temperature exceeds 80 degree Fahrenheit on most of the days on an average, AC units are made to work overtime throughout the summer months. And the extra load is often the sole reason behind an untimely breakdown. If you fail to take proper care of your cooling system, it may lose roughly 5 percent of its efficiency each year. Naturally, everyone in the Sunshine State is curious about knowing how to make the most valuable part of their households last long. So, don’t consider yourself the only person in whole Florida who goes finicky over the health of home cooling systems. Following are a few good habits to practice for keeping this essential appliance in good working order longer:

Use Your AC Unit as Intended; Take Cues From Your Manufacturer’s Manual

Use the system as it was intended to. Read your manufacturer’s manual the first thing after bringing it home. Avoid making it overwork as much as possible. For example, close the AC vents in unoccupied rooms. If you keep them open in the areas you do not use on a day to day basis, you’re chilling a lot of space unnecessarily. This practice adds both to your utility bills as well as the unit’s work burden.  Also, when it comes to replacing components, always opt for the manufacturer recommended parts.

Take Care of the Filters as Directed in the Manual

You need to clean your AC filters regularly. Sometimes, mere cleaning fails to do the trick, and this is the time you must go for a replacement. Whatever may be the requirement, don’t venture to do it by yourself. Instead, call a skilled technician to do the job for you.

Choose the Right Size

As far as AC units are concerned, bigger is not always bigger. In fact, a size mismatch between the two may affect an AC’s efficiency considerably. While choosing a unit for your home, refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines concerning the heat loads for a particular area. During routine servicing, your HVAC professional will tell you whether all components in your air conditioner is operating efficiently vis-a-vis the size of your home.

Clean the AC Inside Out

Clean appliances last longer.  As far as your AC is concerned, some basic cleaning tactic helps to keep its vital components such as evaporator and condenser coils and cooling fins free of dust and mold, which, in turn, helps it work more efficiently. However, for a thorough cleaning, contact a skilled AC technician.

Involve the Whole Family

Make it clear to your family members that it is the responsibility of the entire family to take care of the AC unit. Make them a part of the daily caring ritual.  Also, don’t allow children to make a mess with it by turning it on and off too frequently or by any other means. Show them how to use and care for it properly. Explain to them the consequences of spending nights without an AC on a hot summer day and tell them that others may have to suffer due to their carelessness.

Why let the sweltering summer of the Sunshine State bog you down when you have the AC to keep you comfortable? We have told you about the tricks that can help you to make the most of your AC unit. On top of that, sign an annual service contract with an AC repairing company. From Tampa to New Port Richie, air conditioning servicing is a thriving industry in Florida. So, you will have no difficulty in locating a reliable service provider near you. Take good care of your AC and enjoy the Floridian summer without feeling uncomfortable.

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