Top Ways In Which Virtual House Styling Saves You Time And Money

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Homeowners and particularly brokers and real estate agents now know they need to expertly stage any home that’s for sale before the property presentation in Sydney. Whether staging a vacant or occupied home due to relocation or a foreclosure, staging is now the best-kept, ultimate tactic for ensuring a profitable, successful sale.

Costly and challenging

Staging any home for sale or lease can be a truly costly and daunting proposition. The cost of hiring a professional home stager plus, that of renting staging furniture, furnishings, and artwork for weeks or maybe even months on end could put a challenging burden on the mind of the homeowner.

The answer

The new ‘virtual staging’ advancement is making homeowners and real estate agents alike to take notice. Virtual home staging is a process that involves staging rooms or an entire home through the utilization of images and a fabulous technique which inserts furnishings, artwork, as well as furniture into a room that’s empty, an outdoor environment, or an interior space.

The advantages

To begin with, the cost of staging the home to the homeowner normally ranges within thousands of dollars. Virtual home staging could cost only ten percent of the cost of conventional home staging. The expense and time needed to stage your home are virtually decreased to nearly zero. And lastly, studies and research concerning internet shopping indicate that from 87% to 93% of all internet sales involved some type of internet research. This is why modern house styling depends heavily on virtual staging.


Virtual staging is a lot more flexible with the ‘at your fingertips’ wider range of staged properties. Homeowners can somewhat stage a room with conventional, southwestern, or even country motif before eventually choosing the option that appears and works best.


Maybe the best advantage of virtual staging is the ability to show off the staged home on any website, the website of your real estate broker, and also distributing the images of the staged room or home all through the entire internet world. You could even have your virtual photographs printed to use offline or even utilize them in your printed materials such as open house handouts and many more.

One caution

A caution nevertheless, is that you should please ensure that you are careful and only use the services of professional virtual staging companies. Many among the so-called online staging firms are relatively technology gurus that have little to no actual home staging experience. The outcome of selecting any among such online technology-based companies could be equal to utilizing the services of a moving company when staging your home. It’s quite doubtable whether the end result of such a hire will turn out to be acceptable. You should always ask to know what real home staging knowledge and experience the firm you are considering has.

These are the top ways in which virtual home staging saves you time and money. It’s something you should certainly consider before your actual property presentation in Sydney. Virtual staging ensures that your property is presented in the best light that attracts a much faster sale at a much better rate.

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