10 Best Industrial Kitchen Worktop Materials

Kitchen worktop materials should not be chosen based solely on aesthetics. It is also crucial to consider the safety it can provide at food preparation areas such as restaurants or industrial kitchens. Light coloured surfaces with discrete textures are the best types of surfaces to use for kitchen worktop applications.
When carrying out your initial research you will come across a huge offering of materials offered by different suppliers and fabricators of natural stones such as concrete and cement to achieve an industrial look. The problem with these types of material is that they were originally intended for applications such as road works, prefabricated concrete construction and sewage works rather than for interior decoration.
With the trends of having natural surfaces in interiors, these materials and looks have become very popular in recent years although they can be highly porous, they can also break and crumble under accidental impact and they also require a high maintenance regime to keep their surfaces looking decent at all times.
If you are looking to achieve an industrial or rustic look with cement and concrete materials, you now also will find unique designs among engineered and technological surfaces such as quartz, ceramic and porcelain.
With vast technological advances over the last 5 years, stone industry leaders such as Cosentino, Caesarstone, Compac and Neolith among others, have come up with non-porous materials that come with an available manufacturers’ warranty backing up the fact that these surfaces won’t stain. They are also highly resistant to impact, heat and cold and some of these can also be used indoors as well as for outdoors.
Here are the ten best industrial kitchen worktop materials that are popular worldwide and also employed in some of the world’s best restaurants due to its realistic concrete and cement looks combined with their ease of maintenance.

1. Compac Gray Zement

If you are looking for flawless performance, Compac Gray Zement is the right choice. The grey colour builds a rustic ambience but also gives an in-depth inspiration to those who like to innovate. It suits contemporary and traditional kitchen décor. The Glace finish, provides a silky surface at touch, achieving a cement look in combination with a tactile luxurious surface that has become one of the most popular quartz materials in the UK in recent years.

2. Compac White Zement

Compac White Zement makes it worth its fame among architects and designers for many reasons. Its prominent white cement colour maintains the clean look that every kitchen must have as a worktop. It offers minimal absorption, hygiene and it requires practically no-maintenance. Its neutral base makes it an easy material to combine in any type of interiors and designs schemes; including industrial, modern, traditional, rustic and contemporary kitchens for impeccable interiors.

3. Caesarstone Rugged Concrete

Caesarstone, the first maker of quartz conglomerates has recently launched the incredible Rugged Concrete quartz surface that resembles natural concrete to a very high degree, offering a material with pattern variation and extreme versatility.
Its extra slick grey background never requires coating or waxing, Caesarstone 4033 Rugged Concrete is grey with frozen ice patterns composing a uniform product to update your kitchen with elegance and ease of maintenance, becoming one of the best selling 2017 products since its launch a few months ago.

4. Caesarstone Sleek Concrete

Functional and extraordinary, Caesarstone Sleek Concrete is modern and its features are a true artwork made by man, but with an appearance and touch of natural concrete at its best. It provides a clear and elegant surface that will suit any industrial design that requires a sturdy and non-porous material.

5. Silestone Cemento Spa

Silestone Cemento Spa was one of the first quartz surfaces that was created, evoking the natural beauty of cement and it has become a very popular product since its launch in 2010 remaining among the top selling colours 7 years later,
This quartz stone from Cosentino has an organic appeal ideal for busy urban kitchens. It withstands intensive use and is resistant to impact, scratching, and heating. It’s one of the safest options that bear a resemblance to the natural cement but in a glamorous grey colour that resists the test of time. It is available in a glossy polished finish as well as in velvety Suede finish with it silky lightly brushed pattern.

6. Neolith Basalt Black

For those of you who are a perfectionist, Neolith Basalt Black represents an innovative new generation in an entire era of worktop surfaces. The impeccable fusion of black colour and rich attributes form ornamental pieces that will provide the natural look of Basalt stone without the inherent issues in both interiors and exteriors. It comes in thicknesses of 6mm for cladding and 12mm for worktops, providing a versatile surface for kitchens as well as bathrooms, living rooms and halls that require a natural looking stone with exceptional performance that does not get affected with the passage of time.

7. Dekton Nilium

Nilium is one of the most brilliant productions of the Industrial Collection by Dekton, inspired by a fusion of silver metals and resembling white concrete. Dekton Nilium exhibits an exotic appearance contemplated by original patterns on a discreet backdrop composed of white and grey shades with a great launch in 2017 through the Industrial Collection which was made in collaboration with acclaimed designer Daniel Germani, offering an ultracompact surface that withstands staining from the strongest colouring foods including turmeric, saffron and other items that were difficult to work with, on stone surfaces until the creation of Dekton.

8. Neolith Basalt Grey

Explore a new world of possibilities with Neolith Basalt Grey that contains rich properties and helps build landscapes in grey tones inspired by the popular basalt rock. Different to the natural stone, Neolith does not get affected by UV rays or by high heat. It is an extremely resistant surface that allows the user to cook with strong colouring ingredients without worries. It is also suitable for outdoors and barbeque worktops in summer.

9. Silestone Eternal Charcoal Soapstone

Eternal Charcoal’s dark grey colour never fades and offers resistance to scratching, staining and accidental impact. Silestone Eternal Charcoal Soapstone surpasses in excellence and its veins stand out on a smooth base. It is available in large format slabs with dimensions of 3250x1590mm and thicknesses of 12mm, 20mm and 30mm; which means you can expand and apply in your kitchen without seams. It resembles the popular Soapstone but brings users the opportunity to display the beauty of the natural stone without the worries of staining it may present.

10. Dekton Orix

A subtle blend of shade in grey, blue and green with seamless pigmentation, Orix gives life to the worn-out look in your space. Moreover, it offers consistency and dimensional stability for kitchen worktops and islands. Dekton Orix is part of the Industrial Collection in collaboration with Daniel Germani which is fast becoming an trendsetter in the architectural arena with materials that provide the rustic look with low maintenance and ease of installation.

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