3 Tips to Make Arched Windows Appear Taller

Arched windows are an architectural delight when well-proportioned as they let in a lot of light indoors and create an illusion of a larger space. However, when these windows aren’t well positioned in the wall, for example, they’re located too low on the wall leaving an inappropriate wall space above, they can make the ceiling appear lower overall.

If you have misplaced arched windows and are looking for solutions then you’re in the right place. In today’s blog post, we’ll highlight some effective window treatments to make your faulty arched windows appear taller.

  1. Use Cornices

Cornices are box-like structures that are installed above the window and serve like hard-sided valances. You can either choose a lambrequin cornice that comes with side legs that frame the window or a cantonniere cornice with floor-length legs depending on the style of your interiors. Install the cornice in a way such that its bottom edge follows the arch of the window creating the illusion that the window extends up to the height of the cornice. Paint the cornice matching the woodwork of your room to make it look like a coherent element of the architecture and provide it a sense of visual continuity.

  1. Hang Floor-Length Curtains

Hanging the curtain rod higher can also make your low arched window appear taller. The ideal height of the curtain rod from the tallest point of the arched window frame is no more than 10 inches. This will ensure that your effort to add extra height to the window seems natural and doesn’t become obvious. Depending on your choice and the style of the room, choose a straight rod or an arched curtain rod to match the shape of the window.

Floor-length curtains are ideal to make the windows appear taller. But when you choose the fabric of the curtains or draperies, select a vertical striped pattern to aid the illusion of height. You can also go for fabric with distinct vertical patterns other than stripes to create the same visual effect. For more ideas, check out Pinterest.

  1. Use the Same Colour

If you opt for same colours for the walls and the window coverings, it’ll help add the illusion of space and height to your arched windows. However, it’s not necessary to get the exact match but keeping the shades similar will let the eyes flow smoothly in all directions of the room. If you have patterned wallpapers on your wall, choose the most prominent colour on the wallpaper or its background colour for the window treatment.

Make sure to dress your arched windows with elegant window treatments to spruce up your interior decoration. If you’re looking to buy high-quality, branded window treatments in Toronto or across the GTA, get in touch with a reputed company that offers exceptional service throughout the consultation and installation process.

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