5 Best Pieces of Furniture for a Fabulous Entryway

An entryway is the first room your guests see. It acts as an introduction to your home that displays the personality of the people who live inside. But, irrespective of being an important part of a home, an entryway is often the most overlooked area. It is filled with unnecessary items, thus making it too cluttered and dirty to impress the guests at a glance.

Creating a warm and inviting entryway is essential to make a great first impression. For this, you need some chic and functional furniture pieces that help in maximizing your space and that provide the necessary storage. Here are 5 must-have pieces of furniture for your entryway that are sure to make a big style impact.

1) A Storage Bench

Every entryway needs a convenient place to sit and tie or untie shoelaces while entering or exiting the house. A storage bench is an ideal piece for this purpose as it is equally stylish and functional. Apart from offering a comfortable spot to sit and store shoes, storage benches make a style statement that creates a focal point and put together the overall setup.

2) Wall Shelves

Adorn the walls with shelves of unique shapes and sizes to create a visual interest. Use the shelves to display various decorative pieces and artwork to build a mini art gallery in the entryway and utilise the walls to the fullest. You can experiment with the look by choosing shelves made of metal, rich wood or tempered glass. Each one will bring a different feeling to your entryway.

3) A Coat Rack

You can’t carry your coats and hats inside the house and can’t throw them in the entryway either. Therefore, a coat rack is a must-have piece of furniture for your entryway as you need something to keep your outerwear neat and organised. Be it a freestanding rack or a wall mounted one, there are a variety of styles available. Some furniture stores in Toronto offer a freestanding coat rack with umbrella stand for dual function and more convenience.

4) A Console Table

A console table is a great addition to your entryway. It takes a small amount of space but provides plenty of room to keep keys, mail, collectables and other daily necessities for easy access. If you choose a simple design, then it can be used to match all types of home décor whereas if you choose a Victorian design, then it can be treated as an artful accent in itself. Just make sure that the design matches your décor.

5) A Mirror

A mirror might seem an unconventional item, but its both useful and impressive for your entryway. It not only gives an impression of bigger and brighter space but also helps you with last-minute checks before going out. It’s a great statement piece that perfectly matches every décor.

An entryway is a space with a lot of possibilities. It might look like a narrow space but with right elements, it can turn into a work of art. Include these pieces of furniture in your home’s entrance way and see the effect these additions have.

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