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Brighton is the seashore spot located on the south coast of England. It is one of the divisions of Brighton and Hove and the formal constituency of East Sussex, in the Sussex County. The city offers a phenomenal blend of Regency legacy, remarkable shopping, offbeat arts and music, fantastic beach and year around celebrations and occasions.
Curtains are available in various shapes, fabrics, sizes, colors and designs. Many departmental stores have specific sections for curtains and some shops are totally devoted for selling them. Brighton city is also famous for its furnishing fabrics as they are exhibited by the local residents in their city celebrations.

Varieties of Curtains
One can find different varieties of curtains in the markets of the city. Some of them are listed below.
Eye-let Curtains: Eye-let Curtains is impressive pick with broad folds flowing through the extent of the material uniformly, generating a stylish and modern look. These curtains, constantly, hang from a pole, which is strung in between metal rings. Recent trend followers adore these curtains a lot due to their top to bottom neat folds which are attractive. People who want a simple and trendy look can go for these curtains as they can outline a window beautifully. These curtains enhance bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms.
Pencil Pleat Curtains: Pencil pleat curtains are ideal to change look of the windows magnificently with running tumbles of fabric. These curtains have multiple folds, firmly gathered at the top. The folds of the curtains look stunningly beautiful when hanged to a doorway or to a window. They resemble line of pencils creating a vintage look. You can hang them by using poles or tracks, to make them fit perfectly. You can select from bright shades to mild ones with offbeat prints and classic designs.
Pinch Pleat Curtains: Pinch pleat curtains are excellent choices for enhancing a stylish and custom-made fit. These curtains are created by gathering a lot of fabric firmly and sewn it like a bunch at the top. These pleats give a grand look to the curtains with neat and beautiful folds. You can use these with a pole or a track. Due to their pleats, they fit in every environment like trendy or conventional.
Blackout Curtains: Blackout Curtains are mainly used to stop the sunlight or light reaching out of the windows. You can create a dim and nap friendly environment in your bedroom. Now you can ignore the misery of sleep disturbance due to the sunlight in the early morning. These curtains come with a special blackout lining which stops the sunlight from entering into the room. You can choose from plain designs in all colors or trendy geometric, striped and floral patterns. Poles are used to fit these curtains to the windows and doors.

Curtains is perfect to change the complete look of the house. There is an instant growth in the curtain and drapery industries, due to the raise in the usage of the curtains. New collections are being introduced in the markets as per seasons, demands and needs. They are being used by restaurants, cinema halls and theatre stages. Cubical curtains are specifically made for hospitals and medical facilities for privacy. Curtain liners came in to use to protect curtains from getting wet.
Thus, these are some of the types of curtains found in Brighton including Voile curtains and Thermal curtains. Apart from choosing the styles and colors for the curtains, you also need to see whether the fabric color blends with the rest of the home and interior décor.

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