How to Dress up Your Porch with Outdoor Curtains

A porch is an ideal place to sit back and relax, entertain friends and family, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee. But if you live in a busy area where the neighbours are a little too noisy or the sun gets too hot during the summer, outdoor curtains can give you just the needed privacy and shade. These curtains can also add interesting colour, texture and elegance to your porch.

However, treating your porch with outdoor curtains isn’t only about the right hue and fabric. Their final appearance depends on how you style and hang them. In today’s post, we’ll give you some simple yet beautiful ideas to dress up your porch with outdoor curtains.

Use Galvanised Pipes

If you want to use a heavy-weight fabric and create a rustic look for your porch, then galvanised pipes are the right hardware to opt for. These pipes are extremely strong and can withstand the heaviest of fabric materials outdoors. They’re available in various sizes and connectors so that you can add several pieces depending on your requirement. This will help you to maintain a continued streamlined look throughout the porch as the curtains can be drawn and closed uninterruptedly at the corners. Hang the curtains using curtain rings.

Go Traditional

A lot of homeowners are fond of traditional curtain rods when it comes to hanging curtains or drapes, be it indoor or outdoor. You can choose a traditional hardware but make sure to purchase one that’s built for outdoors. Outdoor curtain rods need to combat natural elements such as harsh weather, sun and rust.

Use Pocket Panels 

If privacy or shade isn’t much of a concern and your outdoor curtains are only for decorative purposes, then choose pocket panels to hang them. In this style of curtains, there is a sewn-in rod pocket at the top of curtain panels and you just need to directly slip-in the rod through the panel.

Curtains with pocket panels also work well on arched structures. If your porch has an arched structure, you can hang a curtain on the descending ends of the arch using mini rods. Use decorative tie backs to enhance the style of the curtains and the space overall.

Additional Tips 

  • If your porch is made of stone or solid brick which makes it difficult to install hardware, ceiling mounted hardware is the best option for hanging curtains.

  • If you want to style the outdoor space with stationery curtains, use decorative hooks to hang them. They can be directly installed on the wall and help enhance the architectural beauty of the porch.

  • For a unique look, select curtains with tie tops.

Follow these tips when dressing the porch with curtains and introduce a spectacular charm to your outdoor space. Whether you’re looking for solid colours, light and airy sheers, stripes, geometric or abstract patterns or natural textures, make your purchase from local reputed companies. Depending on your budget and outdoor decor, buy branded window treatments in Toronto at competitive prices.

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