How to Keep Your Home Warm this Winter

During winter months, we try to get away from the cold weather by staying indoors. This season can become quite costly for homeowners as cost-effective solutions to heating are hard to find. Research has shown that choosing the right window coverings can actually benefit your home in numerous ways during the winter months. This article will discuss the top window treatments to optimize your home this winter season.

Thick Curtains

With cooler drafts sneaking in through the windowpane, it’s important to consider thicker curtains in the winter months. According to Global Dispatch, you want to choose a window treatment that can invite sunlight during the day and insulate later in the evening. Thick curtains give you the control to warm up your space, rather than relying on home heaters.

Plantation Shutters

Aside from curtains, shutters have also been recommended to help lock in heat during cooler times of the year. Plantation shutters are designed with wood panels, which are great for insulating your space, in addition to disabling cold drafts from entering. Preferred for low maintenance, shutters are also known to help lower costs associated with household heating, as this type of shutter retains heat.

Solar Shades

Solar shades are a popular window covering during the winter months. Their ability to absorb heat from the sunlight helps heat your space, in addition to conserving the quality of your furniture. This is also a cost-efficient option as research shows a significant 15% reduction in energy costs.

Control Your Thermostat

Did you know that installing a programmable thermostat in your home can save money on your next heating bill? In fact, statistics show that 40% of households in Ontario use programmable thermostats and 83% actually regulate the temperature in their homes.

During the winter, Statistics Canada states that your household could see a 0.8% reduction in electricity consumption based on the following factors:

  • Household remains at 22°C during the day.
  • Scheduled to go down to 18°C at night.

Create a schedule that keeps your household warm during hours you are inside. Throughout evening hours when sunlight is no longer an option to help heat your room, arrange your thermostat accordingly.

Fresh Air Filter

It’s very important to ensure you have a new HVAC air filter going into the winter season. Over time, dust and dirt can build up, making it difficult for heat to get through the filter and enter your home easily. Homeowners are recommended to change their air filters once every 6 months, however, there is the possibility of having to change it sooner. If your thermostat is running, but your home remains cool, check your air filter to ensure a replacement isn’t needed.

Although the winter months can be cold, your home should be a place for your family and guests to gather and stay warm. Remember when selecting window coverings, to invest in curtains, blinds or shutters that offer insulation. This cost-efficient decision will help you reduce the overall consumption of household energy and lower your monthly bills. In addition, you want to ensure your thermostat maintains a reasonable temperature throughout the day with clean filters to ensure optimal airflow.

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