What You Should Know About Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is popular for a reason. It’s comfortable, looks luxurious, feels great, and is easy to maintain. Adding a piece of leather furniture to any room is a simple way of adding warmth to the room. Here’s a quick guide on everything to know before choosing leather sofa furniture for your home.

  • Never Use Saddle Soap

There’s a reason many people tend to use saddle soap to clean leather furniture. You or someone you know may have used it to clean their leather boots. But couches and boots are not the same. You must avoid using soaps of any kind on your leather furniture. Watering it causes discolouration and may ruin the look completely.

  • Vacuum or Dust It Regularly

Even if you manage to never spill any liquid on the furniture, it’s still bound to become dirty and dusty. This makes it crack over time and eventually fade. Even though a leather couch will last longer than two fabric couches, it still needs to be cared for. Hence, it’s imperative to vacuum and dust the furniture daily. Dust will work its way into the cracks if not cleaned promptly. This makes it harder to get rid of.

  • Keep It Covered

Pets can easily destroy your leather furniture. If you own a dog, their long nails can scratch the surface and cause irreparable damage to the material. Cats have a tendency to scratch, and will most likely do so with your furniture. A good way to avoid this is to cover your furniture and also, trim your dog’s nails and get a scratch post for your cat. When it comes to children, make sure they don’t drop any edibles or liquids on the leather furniture.

  • Remove Stains as soon as They Appear

Children are bound to have a few accidents here and there and spill something on the leather furniture. If you’re considering not covering your furniture, you need to be extra careful. In case of accidental spills, dab the area with a paper towel as it’s a good absorbent. Baking or talcum powder can be used to deal with oil or grease spills. In an extreme situation, commercially available cleaning products can be purchased and used for the spot or stain.

Leather is an extremely durable material. Although durable, it isn’t immune to damage. Soap or harsh chemicals can ruin the top layer, making it look bad. Cleaning it regularly ensures it also aids in extending its life in your home.

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