Advantages of Dynamic Over Static in Web Design Process

Website designing is a specialized art that requires years of experience to fully master. If you want to advertise your product or services to the world at large, then there is no bigger platform than the Internet. The Internet gives a company a better ROI compared to the traditional mode of advertisement thanks to the low cost involved. Advertisement through digital media is a totally different ball game compared to the conventional mode. However, for any campaign to succeed on the Internet it is important that the main gateway of the company to the Internet, its website, is designed in the right way.
Basically, there are two types of websites – static and dynamic. Among these two, the static design is the simplest. Here, whatever is written in the code is displayed on the display. This type of website is great for those companies that only want to disseminate information and are not bothered by its visual effects or feedback mechanism. On the other hand, if your company values customers’ feedback and adds different elements to the website, then contact dynamic website designing company in Delhi.
There are pros and cons of both and it totally depends on what the company wants to achieve through its website. We have listed a few advantages of using these two designs for your website. Therefore, before you engage any dynamic website designing company in Delhi, make sure about what type of design is optimal for your company.
One of the main advantages of using the static design is the cost of production, which is significantly lower than the website with dynamic design. Another advantage of using the static design is the kind of flexibility it gives you in designing your website. You can have different themes for different webpages of your site to project different ideas. The designers can even include sophisticated design forms in the webpage to give it a unique look.
On the other hand, a dynamic website is designed through a server side scripting language like Java. This design offers an immense potential to the website to be connected to a big database. This database in turn could then be easily pulled out to give information to customers based on the services they asked for. These websites are excellent for online retail stores where the customer can pull out product information from the website data and get further details. This important feature of this design has made it so popular among dynamic website designing company in Delhi and all over the world in building websites for companies.
However, the dynamic website has its problems as well. If we look closely we will find that the dynamic websites are not as flexible as the static websites. All the pages in these sites are actually kind of templates that are needed to be filled up with requisite information to get any useful information. And if you do not like the layout of your webpage you have limited customisation options before you. You can only select from some pre-determined options to give webpages a different look. The main advantage of using a dynamic website is that you can integrate it with the content management system.  This type of design is generally found in large retail shops as well as online businesses.
Compared to static websites, dynamic websites have greater cost of development. And if you have to change something after the website is built, then you have to re write the code to include the new changes.

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