Digital Technology is a Magical Key for Landlords

Digital Technology is a Magical Key for Landlords
“We’re surrounded by cutting-edge & revolutionising technology that’s always paving a new work track routinely accepted across all industries”
We’re in the age of digital transformation with abundant and affordable technology readily available to embrace so resistance is indeed futile. In ever-expanding real estate market, it’s important to know how buy-to-let investors can optimise the innovative technologies to streamline the business for maximum efficiency and cost-saving.
There’re many different ways technology can help homeowners with property management and to refine their routine practices. Some of the most predominant are marketing, property inspection and task management. One property management company in Dubai has really helped us a lot during this article as by sharing some valuable insights on the topic. Let’s have a detailed look at each;
Digital marketing for homeowners
Since internet has pervaded into almost everything in our lives, marketing practices have essentially altered across the industries and not just real estate. Owners are at an advantage thanks to the many different websites and property management platforms that made real estate marketing easier and accessible than ever.
To avoid marketing portfolios online is deemed unusual for landlords these days. Let’s have a look at how emergent technologies driven by social media may redefine everything!
  Social media

Social media paves way for swift communication, allowing individuals to contact another active user be it in a different corner of the planet. At the same time, many landlords still avoid social media and have yet to learn much about its potential. For those already active on many different social channels, it’s pretty much conceivable how the platform plays a part in landlord-client communication and foster long-term relationship.

For businesses to limit damage and imminent loss, especially property management, being active and responsive on social media proves more effective. Consider a scenario in which your tenant starts commenting about you online, if you’ll keep playing idle and don’t respond immediately in rather an optimistic way, slipping the potential reputation-damage under the radar for too long would be impossible.

  Video-based content marketing

“A picture speaks a thousand word” holds true in this scenario as house-hunters, be it buyers or renters who can actually view the pictures are able to take immediate and informed decision. For property management firms, this is a huge selling point. In fact, visual listings of homes bearing professional images results in 61 percent more views than others.
While image does play a crucial role, landlords nowadays are taking a leap forward with playback videos of actual units for a more realistic expe
rience. With this comes another concept that is Virtual Tour of the property that allow potential buyers and renters to actually walk-through the unit.
The technical task management
Depending on the total number of property units you’ve in the portfolio and types of tenants, you may find yourself in the middle of many different tasks. These may range from certain emergencies such as leaks, broken showers or maybe replacement of furniture or electronic equipment. 

To deal with all such problems, there’re dedicated task management software for landlords to keep a track of whatever goes on around them and in the real estate industry. Dealing with issues is far easier and quicker than ever thanks to technology.
Boom of digital property inspection
Deposit schemes often posed problems for landlords and a general survey revealed more and more tenants have requested for better and reliable inventories for prevention against unfair lost deposits. While the typical pen-and-paper inventories are hectic and time-taking, they may further lead to conflicts. In fact, some tenants believe they’ve been penalised for the damage caused by previous occupants whereas others have taken legal action to resolve all such issues.
The digital property inspection system turned the tide of entire game and claimed to cover more than 75 percent process through automisation. Available as smart device applications, you can conveniently download the apps on compatible OS platforms and start using for a fast, reliable, professional and legal property inspection report.
Your thoughts
If you’re a landlord, how’d you see digital technology in the real estate industry? The above details would surely provide a legitimate answer to the query.

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