Google My Business Optimization: A Complete Guide

If you are interested in taking the SEO optimization of your business to new heights, then it would be in your best interests to focus on the value of Google local optimization. Below you will find a quick yet efficient guide that will properly introduce you to what you need to know about Google My Business:
Create a Listing
The first step that you need to take on your journey toward Google local optimization is to create a Google My Business listing. Keep in mind that this is a free tool that helps you to manage your company’s online presence within the core of this search engine.
Exploring Included Features and Tools
There are quite a few features within Google My Business that will help you to boost the quality and strength of your online presence once you have created a listing. For instance, you will be able to benefit greatly from Google Local Search results. This particular feature breaks down an extensive list of businesses in the nearby area and the key information related to each business that a prospective customer may need to know – such as location, contact information and even the company’s hours of operation.
There is also the value of the Google Knowledge Graph that you can use to further enhance the quality and strength of your company’s online presence. This is primarily because this tool uses verified information provided by Google My Business to generate a list of details for use within its database filled with businesses and corresponding entities. Essentially, it helps to connect all the dots that a consumer would need to maximize the value of his or her search.
Take Advantage of Google Maps
You may have already used Google Maps as a GPS device. However, you can also use Google Maps as an effective tool for Google local optimization of your business. Keep in mind that the Google Maps entry is automatically created for your business after you have taken the time to create a Google My Business listing. Therefore, you do not have to take any extra steps just to set it up. However, you do need to pay attention to its overall value as a tool for building your online presence and helping to drive traffic to your business and online website.
This is because the Google Maps entry will automatically sync with the Google search results connected to your business. Therefore, when a consumer searches for your company or conducts a local search for your products and services, your company information will likely populate within their search results along with your business contact information, hours of operation, website link as well as the navigational directions that will allow them to go directly to your store.
The Bottom Line
Just because you have set up these tools for Google local optimization does not necessarily mean that you will achieve first-page results overnight. However, taking full advantage of these free tools provided by Google (which is the most popular search engine available) is undoubtedly a solid start in the right direction.

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