Sure Tips For Creating The Most Competitive Facebook Ads

Because it’s intuitive and quite simple, anybody can create a Facebook ad. But how many of such turn out winners? Millions of other advertisers also post Facebook ads daily and are competing for the attention of the same users you are also targeting. You therefore want yours shining and loved by users when compared to those from competitors. Facebook algorithm pushes your ad up for more impressions in relation to how much users like it. Here are tips to help you create winners.

Short, to the point:

Be as straight to the point as you can be when creating texts or a headline. People hardly have more than three seconds to scroll the newsfeed and see your offering and you don’t want to lose them due to long essays. Though we all desire writing long essays to describe our products, that’s not the best.

Use emojis:

Animated emojis are the greatest means of surely catching and retaining the attention of practically all Facebook users. They are very colorful and truly visual. They help a great deal in conveying your message to Facebook users. You can greatly boost engagement and maximize conversions by effectively using them in your ads.


You need to speak to the user in relation to his personal needs when creating an ad. This makes the user feel as if you are personally speaking to only him and not generally to an unknown number of people. It is a good personalization practice to use words like ‘your’ and ‘you’. For example, “Get YOUR bonus right away”.

Be creative:

Ensure that you use good creativity. Users have a very limited attention span, so, you must ensure that you use different creative elements like smileys to grab their attention away from the competition. Your marketing efforts then pay off in the end.

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