Top 7 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

There is an availability of various injury attorneys today to help you out for the injuries caused due to the negligence of individuals or entities. Whereas it is really important to know that there is a major difference between a normal lawyer and an injury attorney. Here’s a list of several questions which you may ask an injury attorney before hiring him.
1. Does he specialize in a particular field?
Before hiring an injury attorney a client should definitely know whether the injury attorney he is hiring specializes in this particular field or not. He must know all the laws regardless of whether they are implied in state or nationwide he knows all of them. A client before hiring any lawyer could look up to certain points

  • His past experiences
  • Reviews from past clients
  • Ask the lawyer about verdicts and orders of previous cases

2. How much time do they have?
A client must be aware of the workload of his lawyer. Will he be able to give you the right amount of time attention that is required? Other than this the client should also be aware of the average time the lawyer takes for one case.
3. How many fees you have to pay?
The most important factor is how much money the injury attorney would charge. Normally an injury attorney doesn’t charge any fee until the final verdict is out.
Generally, an agreement is signed between the client and the attorney that this much amount of money would be charged from the settlement as his fee for example 1/3rd of the settlement money.
4. Who is going to be responsible for the expenses?
The distinctions between “legal services” and “legal expenses” should be known. Legal services include making pleadings, synopsis, collecting judgments and similar other things, whereas legal expenses mean the expenses that would be incurred until the case is decided such as the filing cost. So the client should be aware of who would bear these expenses, the client himself or the lawyer to avoid any further confusion.
5. Who will take the actual workload?
Some firms may present an idea during consultation while implementing different one. A senior lawyer may be hired for the matter whereas during the actual time of proceedings a junior lawyer may take up the matter.All these things should be taken care of to avoid any problem.
6. What about your Trial Experience?
The client should be well versed with all the information regarding the experience and ability of the Lawyer in taking the cases to trials because in most cases, the lawyers are more prone to go for a settlement.
7. What about my wishes?
According to Walt Blenner, a well known personal injury lawyer in the Tampa region of Florida, the client should be concerned that whether his wishes are completed or not. In simple words, here wish means that whether the case moves forward according to the client’s terms and is the lawyer working for it properly.

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