5 Party Hacks For The Best Party Ever

Ooo.. Party. Well I know you are excited, also you are a little doubtful. Not that you are afraid, but there are the little panic attacks you must be having thinking about the small intricacies of the ideal party that you are about to host. There are parties, there are great parties and then there will be your party. So I now want you to have a careful look at the list. Not that yours is incomplete, but what harm in being sure, right? Have a look.

  1. The Theme.

Now this is the first thing we all think about when we say Party. A Theme. A theme that people would love to participate in, a theme that would be easy and comfortable and a theme that would be unforgettable. Right from the invitation to the entrance and the very look of it should be exquisite and simple. The large photo DIY cardboard are a rage nowadays. And why shouldn’t they be. Don’t they look amazing? Try one.

  1. The Drinks

– And it shouldn’t necessarily be alcohol. Your drink can be almost anything. Something like a cocktail if it is just for adults or a simple juice if the children are invited. And is alcohol really necessary? I mean, who likes tantrums and people blabbering in an intoxicated state at a happy party. Don’t they just create a mess. So what I’d suggest is a simple juice, one which has orange(Fav.!) or raspberry or Hot Cocoa (People will thank you, really). Choose wisely.
  3. The Food.
And let me tell you one thing, No Big Meals. No no, please don’t do this. I know you are excited and want it to be perfect, but this is insane. Imagine the quantity firstly, the huge containers and the time, Oh My! So all you need are tangy snacks and some fresh cookies or muffins or cupcakes. Anything that would be easy to collect, fresh and most importantly, different, is all you need. And if you are a food enthusiast, then what better than homemade chocolates and cookies.

  1. The Atmosphere.

And this, probably you might be thinking comes under theme, but the concept is completely different. Theme is only regarding the main concept of the party. Or simply, it is for the infinite number of clicks that later find themselves on social media. What people rely don’t forget is the air, it’s smell, the light, the music, the very whiff of happiness that persists throughout the room. Anything missing? Well then you must have them (Hey, tell me too). The very feeling is what people never forget.

  1. Don’t Panic

I know, you are already shaking with fear. The fear of the food, the drinks, the guests, the theme, the little mischievous arguments and the list goes on. Just stay calm and composed. You have nothing to worry about. Proper management and guidance is all you need. The latter I just gave. And also, you aren’t Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway, who’s trying to understand things through a crisis. It’s okay if it isn’t perfect.
So, now that you are all ready, invite me. Haha, just kidding. So now that you are all preped up, go for it and enjoy the evening. And remember, at the end, what people will always remember your hospitality and your smile. And keep yourself busy in widening it.
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