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Flowers are the perfect gift for a plethora of events namely birthday, anniversary, wedding, baby shower, graduation, engagement, parties and also funerals. We gift flowers to people in order to congratulate them on an occasion or to console them if they lose someone special. We can always choose to send the bouquet which contains flowers of the favourite hues, aroma and posture.

The scientific name of a carnation is Dianthus and it comes from the combination of two Latin words, ‘dios’ meaning Gods and ‘anthos’ meaning flower and it together signifies the flower of the Gods. Some other people believe that the name originated through Roman and claims that the name comes from ‘corone’ which means flower in Roman language.

Carnations are hot favourite of a lot of people and it is also used in weddings as well. When it comes to sending bouquets of carnations we need to have a look at some points regarding the flower itself which are as follows:

  • Different colours signifying different agendas

Carnations have a deep symbolic meaning and due to the various colours there are different meanings of the flowers. Let us understand the meanings like red carnations symbolise deep love and admiration,  white symbolises pure love and good luck, pink symbolises a mother’s love, purple symbolizes capriciousness and yellow symbolizes rejection or disappointment. Therefore, the variety or carnation is huge and we can thus choose from the colours.

  • Mother’s day gift for a lot of culture

In Japan where red colour symbolizes love, red carnations celebrate the colour of love and is most commonly given on mother’s day. Even when the child is away from the mother they try to get the flower delivery done to their mother on the special day. In the United States as well, this is the official flower for mothers day and is preferred to be given to the mothers for the celebration of this day. Basically pink carnations are used to give as gifts in mothers day.

  • Celebration of St. Patrick’s Day with this

The celebration of St. Patricks day is commemorated through the use of green carnation and people celebrate it with these flowers . This has become a norm where people always associate this would the green carnations and generation after generation they have been  celebrating this special day with carnations.  These are extremely popular and well propagated with ages and people always connect these two together. When the local florists are out of stock then people can approach Aryan Florist as well for the flowers if they’re not available in the market locally, or need fresh flowers to send any other city.

  • Medicinal uses of carnation

Carnation is basically used intra to get people rid of stress, fatigue, depression, insomnia and female hormonal imbalances. They are also used in massage oils to treat skin irritations and reduce appearances of wrinkles. Aztec Indians used carnation tea as a diuretic and to treat chest congestion. In the US, it is also used as a cut flower or in cosmetics as well.

Thus carnations are an excellent gift with a lot of historical significance and symbolism as well. These have a biblical importance as well. The Romans believed that the carnations came into being when Mother Mary wept after seeing her beloved son Jesus carrying the cross and as her tears fell the ground, it took the formation of carnation flowers. Thus these are precious flowers which are the of too much importance.

Carnations are a superb choice of elegant flowers and these are the best options to be used to exhibit our love and gratitude to our loved ones.

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