Explore the deserts of India

Explore the deserts of India

Though deserts are considered to be very wild and harsh spaces they are the most stunning places created by nature. So, if one wants to visit deserts in India then there are definitely some prominent dry regions in the western, southern and northern part of the country. One can take feel of the sand dunes, broad landscapes and hot and cold winds here.

Here are some prominent deserts of India which are a must visit.

Great Rann of Kutch

Known as the White Rann of Kutch it is one of the hottest deserts in India. This desert is spread over the area of 2898 square miles and it is located mostly in the state of Gujarat in India and Sindh state of Pakistan. This place is mainly covered with marshy coats of white salts and that is why; the desert appears to be white and a snow covered land. One can get to see some endless landscapes of white patches and this is undoubtedly a serene place to experience. One can go for some interesting desert safaris in the Great Rann of Kutch and one should not forget that is also a large territory when it comes to wild life in India. One can visit here during winter when the popular Rann Utsav takes place. In monsoon the place gets packed with salt water and salty swamps in summer.

The Thar Desert

It is said to be the 18th biggest dessert in the world and it covers a large area of Rajasthan state along with some parts of Gujarat. Apart from that it also spreads to parts of Punjab and Haryana along with the Sindh state of Pakistan. This desert contains about 10 percent of sand dunes but the rest of it is covered with craggy rocks, dry salt lake patches and grass lands. One can visit this area post September as in summer the temperature can reach more than 50 degrees. One can also spend some night here in the desert by staying at tents apart from going to camel rides and desert safaris.

Spiti Valley

Deserts are not always hot but it can sometimes be cold and up in the mountains as well. When it comes to Spiti Valley it is completely a different experience because it is a cold desert where one can get to spot snow leopards. This desert is located in the Himachal Pradesh and it has some unique natural beauty. One can also get to see some fascinating Buddhist monasteries ere along with the essence of some exclusive Tibetan culture. If one loves trekking and hiking, then this place is a perfect destination for them. It is a very unique location which one should definitely explore especially during the time of festivals.

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