Friendship flowers for the Friendship Day

The fact is flowers are beautiful creations on Earth and can be given on any occasion and to any person. They are also considered to be symbolic gifts, since they very clearly convey various types of emotions and messages to the intended recipients. Different type of flowers and their colours do hold different meanings that are attached to it. Several flowers are said to symbolize loyalty, compassion and friendship. Hence, presenting carefully selected flowers to the friend can be a fabulous way to express friendship and undying loyalty.

Some popular flowers that can be presented to the friend

One can choose friendship day gifts online of a particular choice. Few friendship flowers that do make fabulous presents on this special day include the following:

  • Yellow rose: It is among the most popular of all friendship flowers and is also regarded to be the official friendship day flower. It can be found at the leading online florist stores, but needs to be ordered much in advance to avoid disappointments. This flower tends to signify delight, joy and friendship. It was in the Gulf countries during the 18th century that this flower had been discovered. Previously, it was stated to convey negative feelings such as jealousy. But with time, its meaning changed completely to happiness and friendship. One can present a flower bouquet of yellow rose or single piece.
  • Daffodil: This flower symbolizes true friendship, hope, chivalry, rebirth and new beginnings. It is also called narcissus, its Latin name. This flower is said to be trumpet shaped having ring of petals surrounding it. Being beautiful, it is quite popular and well accepted among both the genders. Daffodils can be found in golden or yellow colour, including other colours like white, red and pink.
  • Iris: The meaning of Iris, in the flower language stands for “Your friends do mean a lot for me”. Besides it denotes valour, wisdom and hope. One can easily find Iris in wide range of colours. However, it is purple and blue colour that it is commonly found.
  • Peruvian Lily: This flower is also called the Incas lily. It stands for devotion and friendship. It denotes the person’s support and love for the special friend. It also signifies that the giver of the flower is always present beside the recipient all the time. Hence, it does make excellent choice for the friend’s graduation party or the birthday or for any other occasion. This flower also comes with a long shelf life and can be suitable to be sent to the friend.
  • Chrysanthemum: It is a flower that has great importance in the Japanese culture. It symbolizes friendship. It is used for denoting friendship value and exchanged often among friends. Besides this, it is used these days in bouquets and is indeed a beautiful flower. One can come across various colours and styles. The commonly available colours are white and yellow. Pink and red can also be found.

Flowers also make excellent gifts for boys. One can find friendship day gifts for boys online without much hassle.

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