Grow These Exceptional Flowers for Any Dry Area Garden

Flowers are the nature’s ornaments and they make the Earth look more beautiful and fascinating. There are millions of flower varieties that are available on Earth and offers it a unique level of diversity. They grow from tropical rain forests to South American grasslands, Tundra regions of Arctic, dry and arid regions of Sahara to other such difficult terrains. Here in this blog, we are discussing some of the amazing flowers that are an ideal choice to grow in arid and dry regions. Take a quick look below.
African Lily
African Lily- Agapanthus or the African lily is said to be one of the moist-soil plants that can easily withstand dry spells without any trouble. The foliage of the Agapanthus grows in the thick clusters of long, strappy leaves. These wonderful flowers emerge on the leafless stalks that are about a foot high. They appear as round clusters of trumpet shaped flowers that are available in white, purple or blue colours. Gift this amazing flower to your loved ones in Qatar through the help of any flower delivery in Qatar Doha and can survive well in dry and water shortage areas easily.
Blanket flower- This Gaillardia flower is a type of flashy daisy but it is also one of the most cheerful flowers. They love full sun and is resistant to drought and other severe conditions. The colour of this traditional flower is rusty yellow but newer developed varieties come in colours of yellows, rusts and reds. If you can’t find this fascinating flower in any flower shop in Doha and other parts of Qatar, you can take the help of any online flower delivery services for a hassle free availability of flowers.
Blanket flower
Dead Nettle- If you are thinking about a flowering plant that can grow well in the shade, this Lamium flowering plant is the ideal choice for you. This amazing flowering plant can easily work uninterrupted under the partial shade. The presence of the silvery white streak in the centre of its leaves offers some light to this shade loving flowering plant. You need to grow this plant in an area where it can spread carelessly around the surroundings.
False Sunflowers- Also known as Heliopsis or the False Sunflowers, it is said to be the poor relative of a prized sunflower plant. It is a native of the dry prairie which holds its golden flowers on strong non-flexible stems that can attain a height of 3 to 6 feet. They grow well in the time duration of mid-summer to fall and its certain varieties resemble that of yellow daisies and fluffy doubles.
Jerusalem sage
Jerusalem sage- Phlomis may sound more like a disease but it is actually one of the most engaging flowering plants. It has square stems, sage like leaves and little balls of flowers that grow atop the each pair of leaves along the flower stalk. These flowers eventually turn into attractive seed capsules and come in yellow, pink and lavender colours.
So, buy these unique flowers from any flower shop in Doha and other areas of Qatar or order them online for your special ones on any special occasion or event.

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