Hire appropriate seats for the long bar table

The kitchen can be made a wonderful place by having the right type of furniture in it. A classy and modern addition to this dining room, kitchen or the backyard is a long bar table. Such high tables can easily accommodate appetizers, drinks as well as sit-down meals. Since they are of unique dimensions, they do need proper seating. The fact is regular dining table chairs will not be appropriate.

Height requirements

There is required a bar stool which is of the correct height for the long bar table. It is too low, and then viewing the food will not be possible. Again, if the chair is too high, then placing the knees properly will become a problem. There does exist a difference between counter height and bar height stools. For a 40” to 42” long bar table, a 30” typical bar stool will be required. Counter stools about 24” is appropriate for 36” counter tops. One can go for seats and bar table hire Melbourne from reputed suppliers.

Artist’s stools

The artist stool is considered to be a versatile and common variety of stool that is used with the long bar table. The seat was originally used by the artists and drafters, as the name implies. Such chairs are said to have round, simple seats, having an adjustable stand. Due to their motion range, they are extremely useful. The user can lean, sit or stand on them, as desired.

Backless stools

These are very much similar to that of the artist’s stools. They are generally found in bars and homes. The difference noticed is that adjustable stand is not present in bar stools unlike that of artist stool. Besides being simple, they are also space saving. When not required for use, they can be easily pushed under the tables.

Additional features

As soon as the ends and odds are included with the bar stools, precious space is slowly lost. But one can experience enhanced comfort factor. Armrests can be found on both backed and backless stools. If the desire is to spend a good amount of time on the long bar table, then a backrest bar stool is what is required to provide that additional lumbar support. The backrests can be high or low.

Swivel stools

These stools are said to offer that extra advantage over the bar stools. For numerous reasons, they do work fabulously when used with long bar table. Swivel stools are selected due to their ease of use, motion, and convenience. They are also easy to be used and can be moved in & out when seated at the table. This stool also helps saving the floor from being scuffed up, something that is experienced with a regular bar stool when it is dragged out and in from under the table. Talking to others also becomes much easier since the person is able to turn in any direction effortlessly and easily, without actually having to crane or twist the neck.

There are readily available bar stools made from a variety of materials, finishes and styles to match perfectly the long bar table.

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