How To Decide If A Wedding Planners Delhi Is Right For You?

A destination wedding is a preferred choice for many couples these days. It has seen a rising trend among couples who are looking for an intimate and personal celebration. We help you decide if it’s the best choice for you and how you can plan your destination wedding.

  • Helps you avoid rude relatives

With a smaller invitation list, you can avoid feeling constrained to invite the cousin you can’t stand, or the in-law that everyone fights with. Just invite your very closest friends and family to the intimate ceremony and celebration, or keep it romantic and don’t invite anyone at all. Don’t worry, you can always send them pictures if they want!

  • Cheaper for you in the end

Spending a luxurious wedding weekend in a dramatic location can often cost less than a seated dinner at a nice location. Destination Wedding Planners In Delhi Etiquette calls for the bride and groom to pay for the hotel rooms, food and onsite guests’ expenses. Your relatives and friends pay for their own travel expenses, Since the number would be comparatively small, it would lead to more enjoyment at a less cost.

  • The Honeymoon becomes a redundant idea

With you already exploring a new place along with your fiancé and your loved ones, a honeymoon on top of that may not seem sucha good idea. But you can of course adjust accordingly. Of course, you’ll be in a beautiful place, but will you have enough romantic alone time?

To get around this, make sure you schedule it beforehand and insist on it. Arrive a few days before everyone else (you may need to do this anyway for marriage license requirements), or have a honeymoon nearby afterward if that’s possible. If neither of these is ​possible, find interesting things your wedding party can do while you and your fiancé have couple time.

Jubilation Events and Weddings are among the best destination wedding planners in Delhi. We have catered to numerous satisfied clients over the past years at various venues. We have organised weddings at Udaipur, Bangkok, Malaysia, Dubai, Goa and other premier destination wedding venues. We take care of all the requirements needed to plan an extravagant wedding. We believe we can give you the most amazing experience as wedding planners and take care of all your needs.

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