Know your birth flower

Most of us know the concept of birth gems, but like gems flowers also represent each month of the year. We use flowers just for gratitude, for message etc there is an individual flower that represents each month and you can select and SEND FLOWERS IN JODHPUR according to your loved one’s month.

Let’s get to know more about the flowers that represent each month AKA birth flower.


January month birth flower is carnations or snow drop. Different colors of carnation flower represent different message:

  • White – pure love.
  • Yellow-wish you were here.
  • Pink- you are unforgettable.
  • Red- I love you.

Whereas, the snowdrop flower represent the hope and beauty which is also one of the birth flowers of January other than carnations.


February is not all about red roses with Valentine on your mind, birth flower for February born person are the primrose and the violet.

Violet or irises represents faithfulness and loyalty, the three upright petals represents the courage, faith, and watchfulness.

The other birth flower for February is the primrose which let us know the person that you can’t live without them.


Birth flower for March born are daffodils it stands for the unequaled amount of love, bright light yellow petals represents the sun is all around and signifies that life will be shining.

Another March birth flower is the jonquil which is from the family of the daffodils only conveys sympathy and affection in return.


Spring is in full swing in this month so as the birth flower for this month is daisy it, conveys innocence, loyalty, love, and purity. And, also a flower was given to keep the secret within friends.

Another birth flower for April month is sweet peas which convey sweet pleasure and also use to say good bye.


May birth flower is lily which signifies sweetness, happiness, and humanity if, you want to show love to your loved one who is born in may gift them a lily bouquet.


June birth flower is the roses which are almost everyone’s favorite but, it will make a special place for June born which has to mean with a different color.

  • Red rose- I love you.
  • Pink rose- happiness.
  • White rose- innocence and purity.
  • Yellow- jealous.
  • Orange-desire.


July birth flower is capable of growing 8 feet long is the water lily, which signifies purity, majesty, and an open heart.

Larkspur is another birth flower for July born which is also known as guardian lavender, symbolizes first love.


August birth flowers are gladiolus and the poppy flower, gladiolus represent calm, infatuation and pierced with love. Whereas poppy flower represents pleasure, wealth, and success.


Aster and morning glory are the September birth flowers, aster represents the powerful love whereas morning glory signifies symbol of affection.


October birth flowers are the marigold and the cosmos, which signifies the warmth of love whereas the cosmos represents peace, order, and serenity.


Chrysanthemum is the birth flower for November month, in which red says I love you, white says innocence, purity and love and yellow one says slighted love.


Holly and Narcissus represent December birth flowers, which both symbolizes hope and domestic happiness.

Now, when you have the knowledge what to gift your friend according to their birth month choose them and deliver FLOWERS TO JODHPUR.

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