The Most Stylish Movies of the 70s: 11-20

The 70s had some memorable looks, and you just need to watch a movie from the 70s to see that for yourself.

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Sure, some of the styles were slightly nightmarish, but there were also lots of fashion-forward, trendy looks that are still cool today. Here are 10 of the most stylish films from the 70s.

Shaft is definitely one of the most iconic fashion films from the 70s, and men across the world still mimic its style today.
The French Connection
The French Connection features the very stylish Popeye Doyle. He may not be a particularly friendly character, but he is very fashion forward – especially when he is wearing the classic pork pie hat.

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This film may have been released in the 70s, but it is a wonderful homage to the mod look of the 60s. Featuring lots of giant parka coats and smart suits with suede boots, every look is stylish and clean.
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The Godfather Part II
The Godfather Part II is a legendary film, but it also packs a lot of style. We love the impeccable suits with white shirts, especially Pacino’s grey suit.
Three Days of the Condor
Three Days Of The Condor is a timeless film that features lots of stylish men’s looks, including naval peacoats, aviator sunglasses and perfectly tailored tweed jackets. If you’re a man who is looking for some fashion inspiration, definitely give this film a go!
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
This film may not seem super stylish, but you can’t deny that Willy Wonka’s eccentric wardrobe was pretty striking. I mean, just look at that purple suit!
Frank Serpico is definitely a character who loves to accessorise, from beaded necklaces to sunglasses and side bags. He also had a seriously cool beard.
Apocalypse Now
This film gave us some battle fashion inspiration – even if the colour of choice was yellow.
One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
McMurphy is a stylish character, especially when he is wearing his iconic leather jacket and warm woolly hat.
Saturday Night Fever
Saturday Night Fever oozes fashion and style in every scene, no matter where you look. We particularly love Tony Manero dancing around in his flamboyant bright white three-piece disco suit.

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