The rise and rise of the burger

The humble burger has appeared on menus in restaurants and pubs for a long time. However, chains of restaurants specialising in burgers are now popping up along high streets and in our shopping centres. Here we look at the reasons behind the success of speciality burger restaurants and whether there is a gap in the market if you fancy having a go yourself.

According to the International Business Times, the burger market in the UK in 2015 was worth £2.79 billion. In 2017 it should be over £3 billion. Where once the British high street was home to McDonald’s or Burger King, you are now more likely to find a Byron Burger or Five Guys, two of the new chains that have transformed this market.

rise of the burger

What makes a successful burger chain?
The main burger chains in the UK were Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Byron Burger. However, their domination in this market has been tested by other companies such as Five Guys, Shake Shack and Smashburger moving into this space. Despite this, it seems as if the market is big enough for everyone and there is seemingly no end to the British love of the humble burger. In the early 2000s burgers were demonised as the cause of the world’s obesity and health crisis, but burger restaurants who offered premium quality meat and healthier side dishes soon became popular.

rise of the burger
How you can get a piece of the burger action

A great way to be part of the burger revolution is to start small. Many artisan food markets and festivals include street food such as burgers. The trick is to make sure that your offering is different from others. That could mean that you source your meat locally, or your burgers are made to a ‘secret’ recipe. What is really important is that people can see what you are cooking before you cook it so they can be sure it is homemade and fresh. A great way to do this is to use serve over display counters such as those from
If you are a budding chef or restaurateur and think you have what it takes to make the best burgers hopefully we have shown you what the big boys are doing to be successful, as well as how you can start small and still be a success.


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