Understanding some important facts about American Pop Art by Peter Max

The term pop art has been used to describe a new form of popular art which is characterized by the imagery of popular culture and consumerism. Even though this started in UK but gradually it moved to the United States and became one of the most popular artwork there. Characterized by simple, bold, daily imagery, and exciting block colors, pop art has been quite interesting to look at as it offers a modern fashionable feel. Common sources of pop art have been consumer product packaging, advertisements, photos of film-stars, celebrities and other pop-stars and comic strips.

Peter Max: The iconic pop art star points out the key characteristics of pop art

  • In sculpture, an innovative use of media
  • Familiar imagery, drawn from common media and products
  • Flat imagery influenced by newspaper photographs and comic books
  • Images of celebrities or fictional characters in advertisements, comic books and fan magazines
  • Typically very bright colors

American pop art has always stuck to Abstract Expressionism and has been deeply swayed by the Surrealist and Dada movements. It uses basic forms, symbols, repetition, overlays, reproductions and dots. It has often been made on a huge scale, by means of a shortened palette of bright blues, reds and yellows and it seemed in collage, sculpture, and silk screen-printing. The best thing about pop art is that there has been no guided meaning from the artist that the viewer needs to understand and this has been one of the greatest strengths, making it both relevant and available.

Moreover, the simplicity of the pop art pushed the viewer to make up their mind about whether the objects are superficial or thematically complicated and respond directly to the artist without the impact of any art critique. Peter Max as a pioneer of American pop art says that American Pop Art has always been considered as controversial, symbolic, and depersonalized from the artist, whereas in Britain it has been more figurative, individual and thematic.

This form of art till date is quite relevant as it continues to represent a lack of orthodoxy and its simple cultural statements which give it relevant and timeless quality. Its unique colors, dots and strong lines as well as everyday subject matter still feature profoundly in work today, exceeding heavily into urban art. Furthermore, its lasting appeal means it is considered a safe investment, signifying some of the most expensive art sold today.

Peter Max’s psychedelic style of painting and use of vibrant and bright, colors make his pop art different from that of other pop art artists. Considered as one of the most popular among all living American artists, Peter played a major role in shaping the way modern America views art.

The contribution of Peter Max in the field of pop art turns out to be very renowned for his distinctive expressionism and symbolism. In fact his works has been showcased on a number of television advertisements which made him a celebrated star and he has also received a number of prestigious rewards and recognition as well.

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