The Cell phone Technology & its Impacts

Have you ever feel that the excessive use of cell phone technology making you un-social in real life? Are you aware of the fact that too much use of smartphone put you in dangerous psychological disorders? Are you having a difficult time being a young student in writing, you usually miss spelled even an easy word while texting on mobile phones? If yes, then you must know that the modern phone technology no doubt has given us plenty of advantages such as we can communicate with our friends, family members and to the whole world within no time. The contemporary social media tools especially social messaging apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, Tinder, Zalo, Line Vine, Viber and WhatsApp and access over the phone really creating a mess for youngsters no time ever before.
The advantages of technology are no doubt uncountable, but on the other hand, modern technology in the shape of mobile phones and plenty of instant messaging apps when connected to the internet world may cause some serious damages in the lives of our young generation.
What sort of Impacts smartphones is spreading?
Smartphones have developed for those people who want to talk with their friends, loved ones and parents when they away from home and even the social apps are also been created for to socialize with the whole world. But the user’s to much use of cellphone all day long and the obsession with the social networking apps making parents too worried about the young kids/teens safety. There are following impacts due to excessive usage of smartphones.
Cyber Bullying:
When anyone teased by a group of people or by a person such as through abusive language, physically and humiliate you in real life known as bullying, but when someone do the same by sending you text messages, use harsh words and abusive language about your color, cast, creed in online world knows as cyber bullying. The cyber bullies are everywhere on the internet having multiple social apps accounts. Young teens use these instant messaging apps on their smartphones and often got cyberbullied and then remain in depression and in anxiety.
When a person use sexual language while texting to their girlfriend or to their boyfriend or when a young girl or boy show their semi-nude body parts on social media platforms. They do not realize that once they share their photos with making privacy, these pictures will become viral on social media which really do impact negatively on teen’s life. Someone may kidnap you by watching your pictures or bullied you online.
Online Stunts:
Young kids and teens do stunts and make their videos and pictures online. Sometimes when they are working or their challenges they get hurt badly and even in many of cases young kids and teens lose their lives. The burn and scar challenge is one of them in which young kids and teen put salt onto their skin on hands and then put ice on them; resultantly they have to bear the heavy pain. The person who bears more pain than anybody else finally gets appreciation from fellow online friends.
Less Social:
It is obvious that when you always stick with your smartphone devices till the time you wake up in the morning and to the time you went to sleep. Then what sort of social environment you have left for. So, when youngsters spend hours and hours on their smartphones devices then resultantly they will come un-social and less groomed
If parents come to know that their young kids and teens are addicted of the mobile phone usage then they can keep an eye on their activities and can reduce their kid’s screen time through cell phone monitoring. This way parents can assure themselves with perfect digital parenting skills.

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