4 Serene Spots of Chandigarh Will Shake Off Your Tensions

Chandigarh came into existence after the Indian independence, as the very first planned city of post-independence India. This city is popular because it is distinctive from the rest of the cities in country. Moreover, it has been well organized in comparison to the rest of India.
Well, Chandigarh is situated at the foothills of Shivalik Range of the Himalayas. Since it has quite a high altitude place the climate here remains favourable throughout the year. The city is packed with lush green areas and gives a spectacular look to the visitors. Moreover, in case you are in Chandigarh and want to go to Delhi, you can easily find out comfortable taxi from Chandigarh to Delhi. So, when are you visiting this well-planned city? For now, let us peep into 4 remarkable spots of Chandigarh.
1. Rock Garden
This name refers to a sculpture garden situated near Sukhna Lake. This Rock garden is also popularly known by the name of Nek Chand’s Rock Garden who is its founder. Nek Chand was a former government official who began to cultivate this garden in secret in his spare time. He kept the garden hidden from the authorities of government for eighteen years, till the year 1975. This garden features numerous interlinked walkways which run along the waterfalls of Sukhna Lake. These are landscaped with gorgeous pottery and sculptures of animal’s dancers and musicians.
2. Sukhna Lake 
SukhnaLake is a gorgeous lake which lies in the foothills of Shivalik Range. A unique thing about this lake is that it is a manmade lake. The lake is a three kilometres long lake which was formed in the year 1958. It was constructed by damming the SukhnaChoe that is a seasonal stream that flows down from the Shivalik Hills.
 People visit this lake especially in the morning to relish the cool breeze and the charm of nature. This lake serves an ideal place for picnic and it is an apt place for enjoying water sport activities such as yachting, boating and water skiing etc. the entire ambience here is absolutely tranquil and so, it is perfect for meditation. Once you are here, you can give your worries a back seat for sure! The entire environment will rejuvenate you!
3. International Dolls Museum
The Dolls museum of Chandigarh contains dolls and puppets from around twenty-five different countries. This museum was created in the year 1985 and is maintained by the Indian council of Child welfare. The chief attraction of this museum is Indian section and toy train.
4. Pinjore-gardens
Pinjore-gardens which are also called the Yadavindra Gardens were formed by a Nawab under the great Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. This garden was prolonged and rebuilt by the Maharaja Yadavindra of State of Patiala. The garden possesses numerous lavish structures which display a discrete blend of the Mughal and Rajasthani styles of architecture. The entire area looks absolutely captivating and people can spend a quality time here!
Thus, whether you are staying in Chandigarh or you want to do up and down from Delhi, you can easily get cab from Delhi to Chandigarh. So, once you are done with your Exciting and rich exploration, you can easily get your cab.

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