Holiday Gift Guide for a Bar Cart Enthusiast

Selecting holiday gifts for friends is not an easy task. Not everyone is impressed with a box of delicious chocolates, a bottle of sweet wine and a bouquet of fresh flowers. Some people only care about the middle item in the above list.

Yes, you have guessed it right! We are talking about those buddies who are in love with adult beverages and everything about them. This post is dedicated to those bar-cart enthusiasts who would love to have a relatable holiday gift.

From beer geeks and wine admirers to whiskey lovers and cocktail connoisseurs, Peter & Paul’s Gifts has gifts for everyone. Here are some of the suggestions for your bar-cart loving bestie.

A Collection of Bevvies

Peter & Paul’s Gifts has a wide variety of gift baskets that contain your buddy’s favourite drink. We recommend Whiskey Box, Shine My Scotch and Cheers-Regular. As the name suggests, these gift baskets contain a bottle of whiskey, scotch, and wine, respectively. You can choose one or all three of them for your friend to fill his/her bar-cart collection.

The Whiskey Box also includes two whiskey glassware, whiskey rocks and coasters apart from a bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey. On the other hand, Shine My Scotch has some salty treats to complement the scotch along with a shoe shine kit for your friend to use when he/she is sober. The third gem from our collection, i.e., Cheers-Regular, contains two Corkcicle Stemless wine cups along with some delightful treats to enjoy while sipping wine.

Cocktail Accessories

Apart from beverages, cocktail accessories are also excellent gifts for someone who loves to try beverages infused with different flavours. For that, we offer Two of a Kind Gold Dot Shaker and Ultimate Crate–Deluxe. The Two of a Kind Gold Dot Shaker is a designer cocktail essential from Kate Spade which can be used to prepare a variety of cocktails in no time. Another great gift is the Ultimate Crate-Deluxe which includes Corkcicle 60oz canteen to keep beverages cold, disposable party cups, party snacks and The Mixer’s Manual book to teach several cocktail preparations.

Bar-Cart Essentials

Complete your bar-cart enthusiast friend’s collection with some essentials to decorate the cart. The Two of a Kind 2pc Bar Set and Rope Ice Bucket are the perfect gift items for that purpose. The Rope Ice Bucket is a beautifully designed ice bucket made of stainless-steel. Your friend can store ice cubes in this bucket and use them while preparing drinks. The Two of a Kind 2-piece Bar Set contains a bow-shaped bottle opener and a bottle stopper in the shape of glasses. These unique pieces add to the beauty and functionality of a bar-cart.

Buy these wonderful holiday gift items for your bar-cart enthusiast buddy and see the smile these presents bring to his/her face. These gifts are not only attractive but also practical. Have a look at our online store to browse through other gift items.

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