Meet the Most Wonderful Lighters in the World

It’s time to say goodbye to your gas lighter.

I’m telling you why you should replace your old ones with the newest lighter with atomic beam.

As it’s known as a rechargeable lighter, atomic lighter uses the plasma arc technology to create instant fire, and amazingly it doesn’t need gas or butane fuel. Scientists have researched and found that butane fuel produces harmful substances when it’s burnt and gas lighters are known for the flame and dangerous element.

These rechargeable lighters work anywhere, anytime, no matter the condition of weather, even in the rain and the wind, by simply pressing the button. It also ensures to light the first time of your push, unlike a butane lighter. Besides they tend to last a lifetime, which is true in a large extent.

Don’t be in the dark to know about the mechanism of an atomic lighter. Simply put, it is a special type of plasma lighter which produces ignition with two electrical arcs, without requiring the potentially harmful open flames.

Skipping the unnecessary detail, I’m giving an easy definition to understand. Instead of using any fuel and generating an open flame, plasma lighters work by producing a small electrical arc which passes between two electrodes. Surprisingly, it is much hotter than gas lighter’s flame, and more features are there to mention

Compared to other environmental aspects of butane when it’s used as a fuel, it’s more dangerous. If properly burned, all hydrocarbon fuel gasses emit two main combustion outputs. First one is H2O, or water; and the other is CO2, or carbon dioxide, which is vastly known as a principal greenhouse gas.

Popular as a rechargeable or electric lighter, atomic lighter ensures to implement plasma arc technology that can instantly create fire, without requiring gas or especially, butane. If you want your lighter works anytime at any place, the fuel-free and rechargeable lighter can be the perfect solution. In any situation—be it rain and or wind—you can light everything.

You just need to press the power button unlike running the wheels on gas lighter. Also, right after pushing the power button, you will get the light immediately, at first time. Moreover, the plasma lighter also comes with the power to deliver 100 lights or double on a single charge although it varies between models.

And when the power is gone, it’s easily rechargeable through the USB connection. Anywhere, plug in the device with its charger, and boom, within an hour or two, your device is ready to spark again when you need.

Many people wonder how much an atomic lighter cost. Well, the price comes in a vast range and it defines according to the models and manufacturers. Atomic lighters are built to last for long. So, you don’t need to worry about the price at all. Besides, you’ll have to pay once and then, the lighter will be working for you as long as you need.

There are several aspects to look for while you’re going to buy an atomic lighter. First of all their build quality. As you’re going to use the lighter for a long time you need to ensure the lighter is built with the perfect material. The more robust it is, the longer it will stay. Alongside this fact, you should also care about the customer reviews available on a particular model.

In addition, the key selling points of an atomic lighter maybe it’s rechargeable capability. Then, the power of lighting in any condition makes them a high-value device. Moreover, they are lightweight, portable, easy to ignite, and fast-performer. You will not fall in any critical situation with a plasma lighter. They don’t break like the gas lighter. If it happens ever, there’s literally nothing to worry.

Finally, a particular manufacturer’s reputation which is determined by the user reviews will be greatly helpful while you’re deciding between existing models. If you’re not sure enough, get started with a small-price one to understand how they work. If you feel okay then buy a bigger one (I mean, bigger with cost, affordable though). I wish a flameless life. Enjoy every moment with a plasma lighter and see the difference with the classic lighter.

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