Suicide Prevention: How To Raise Awareness

On September 10 every year, people worldwide observe World Suicide Prevention Day to prevent suicides. Since 2003, various government and non-profit organizations globally have been taking necessary measures to show support for people struggling in their life with emotional pain.

To spread awareness for the day, World Health Organization (WHO) collaborates with International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP).

  • Why Create Awareness On Suicide Prevention?

Modern-day life is busy and competitive. We have advanced technology and lots of luxury day-to-day items within our reach. There are still some people who are dealing with emotional pain. Some of them talk about it, while others hesitate. It is because sometimes people find it difficult to talk about their pain.

As per a WHO report, around one million individuals worldwide lose their lives due to suicide every year. The current trend shows that one person dies every 40 seconds due to suicide. In next two years, the death rate is expected to rise to one death every 20 seconds. The WHO also showed that the suicide rates have increased by more than 60% in last around four decades. The horrifying figures are enough to call for the need for suicide prevention acts.

Creating awareness on the issue isn’t a job restricted to only government and non-government organizations. You can also be a part of an awareness drive and spread the right message to the masses.

  • What Are Some Ways To Raise Awareness On Suicide Prevention?

People with a thought of suicide do not show obvious signs. It doesn’t matter who you are and how powerful you are, you can play a big role in suicide prevention. Involve in an awareness drive and try to make many people aware of good things in life. Here are some more ways you can contribute in saving people’s life:

1. Share Suicide Helplines On Different Platforms

There are organizations across the globe with experienced individuals who know how to help people having suicidal thoughts. Get to know about these centers and their helpline numbers. Share these helpline numbers on social media websites and other mediums that are accessible to people all the time. Keep on sharing these helplines on your social media accounts.

2. Get Involved

If there is an organization in the neighborhood that works to help people, then become a part of it. Attend events hosted by it and volunteer to raise funds. While being a part of the help center, you can learn several new things about suicide prevention. The collected information can further be distributed to people in need.

3. Understand Signs, Have A Word, Reach Out

Make use of your social media accounts to reach people who are going through tough times in their lives. Ensure them that you are available to talk to them anytime. Learn how to talk to them. Listen to them, create a safety plan, and get immediate help for them. Once you identify how to reach out to the individual in pain, get help for them through professionals.

4. Create Awareness Through Customized Products

Tell people that suicide is not the answer. You can spread awareness by using customized products like t-shirt, caps, and suicide prevention wristbands with a special message engraved on them. Through these products, you can reach many people at one time and fill some positivity in their life.

5. Offer Help To Someone Who Is Suffering

Reach out the individuals who are struggling in their lives. Speak and encourage them to stay positive in life. Your little efforts will mean a lot of them.

  • Conclusion

Suicide is a serious issue in the modern world. One right step today can make a huge difference in someone’s life. If you notice someone suffering mentally, don’t hesitate to help them.

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