5 Easy To Make Snacks; Perfect For Your Evening Hunger Cravings!

They say cooking in an art but not all are very good at it though. Out there are many kinds of people when it comes to cooking. There are those who completely abstain from cooking and only act as critic in the end, then there are those who love to cook and often keep trying out new recipes, then there are those who just cook to avoid starvation.

Now, we all love snacks and so here I am going to list 5 snacks that are stomach filling and also one doesn’t have to be a gourmet chef to get them right.

  • Soup– We all know soup is healthy and also very stomach filling. This could be a great snack for someone who is recovering from the sick bed. Now preparing a soup will hardly take you half an hour or even less than that and you can make yourself a bowlful of it. And trust me anyone can prepare it because it is basically just chopped vegetables cooked in chicken or vegetable broth.
  • Maggi– Maggi has become one of the most common evening snacks of every household. Not just kids or teenagers but even parents love to have this snack time to time. But, one could make it a little more interesting by adding some chopped vegetables and egg to it. This not only makes it tastier but also healthier. It is very simple to make but yet to avoid any sort of confusion one can always get egg maggi recipe in Hindi or English according to your preference.
  • Dhokla– this is a very famous Gujarati dish and one can easily make them at home. And to make things easier, ready to make dhokla mixes are also available in the market now. Preparation will not take more than 30 minutes of your time. All you have to do is follow the simple steps and serve it with green chutney. And you have made yourself a yummy snack for the evening.
  • Paddu– now this is a very famous south Indian dish that looks like mini idlis. One can have it for breakfast or for evening snacks, this decision I leave up to you. Preparation of paddu requires a mould that is easily available in the market. The steps to the dish are very simple and easily available in the internet. Serve hot paddus with tangy tomato chutney or green chutney and give your stomach a treat.
  • Kathi rolls/Frankyrolls– now we all love to gorge on some kathi rolls. The easiest of all is definitely the egg roll that uses some vegetables and onions on the toll with some tomato and chilli ketchup. Preparation of this may take a little more than the others. But trust me it will be all worth it. You could try out this yummy snack at home and you could always take some help from the online recipes and videos available.

So, now you can ease your hunger cravings with these simple dishes!

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