Essence of South India Adorning the Platter

With the delicious taste of South Indian dishes, the entire country is in love with vegetarian dishes from south India. Thus people having Idli, Dosa as breakfast and Utthapam or Poha for lunch are very common. Most important thing about these dishes is that they are high in essential nutrients making the dishes healthy. That is one of the major reasons people prefer them over fast food and these dishes can be made easily at home. Therefore, south Indian dishes have taken over the trend of fast food intake at a high rate.

Reasons for the fame of south Indian dishes all around India

There are some reasons why these dishes have so much craze right now among the people seeking healthy food during lunch hours of offices or during breakfast before traveling.

  1. South Indian dishes are health oriented equally fibre and roughage containing dishes, which help in digestion in a big way. Thus, a well-cooked food with so much nutritional properties is bound to be famous among the people. That is why many shops are making these dishes all around India right now.
  2. The other fact is the delicious taste of these dishes which come from the natural ingredients used here. These dishes have forever been the staple diet in south India for a reason.
  3. These dishes can be easily cooked with ingredients handy and is perfect to save time to facilitate a busy schedule. This is why people are cooking these dishes at home too.

These are some major reasons for making these dishes one of the most preferred ones in most areas of India. These are some common accompaniments which increase the taste of dishes even higher.

There are dishes like sambar, white chutney and raita that are offered as side dishes with these, making the digestion process even more active after the meal. These accompaniments are as delicious as the main dishes and they are served on banana leaf so that a person can get the wholesome natural essence. There are basil leaves used in cooking these dishes that improves the taste.

There are dishes like kara kuzhambu, which are also taken as accompaniments to the main dishes, prepared at various places and are as delicious as others. The mouth-watering taste of nature brings up the choices of people towards it. Since these dishes can be eaten anytime of the day, it has become a favourite among people.

The journey of South Indian food from the geographical barrier was made possible due to the exquisite taste of dishes. The dishes prepared here are no less than the non-vegetarian dishes prepared in north India. Therefore they have unique flavour and taste presenting a major aspect of Indian cuisine. These dishes have taken over the market and are extensively found in the list of one of the most sold dishes every day. Thus, these appealing flavours and natural ingredients are making it famous, resulting into India moving forward from fast food and choosing the healthier counterpart.

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