Momo and its Varieties

We people always try to find out some healthy snacks when we have to look after out health. There are many healthy substitutes available but if one is feeling really hungry and they need something heavy then choosing a plate of momo can be a smart move.

Momos are the best possible steamed snack items which can be made at home. One needs flour and something which can be used as momo filling. You can take boiled minced chicken or a mixture of bean sprouts and broccoli and then make a momo filling out of it. Then they are steamed to form delicious momos. There are fried momos available as well in the street stores. It is better not to go for them. This is because; you may not know what oil they use as a cooking medium. It is always a good idea to make some momos at home as they turn out to be lovely stomach filler when one is feeling hungry.

One can make both steamed and fried momos at home and at the same time, if they look for momo recipes in cook books they can get some other varieties as well.

Fried and Steamed-Fried Momos

Fried momos are the crunchy version of momos and they are actually deep fried after the momos are steamed properly. But if you are health conscious then these oily and fried ones are not for you. But they go really well with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Tandoori Momos

If in India, then every dish has a tandoori version of it and momo is also not an exception. They are the best one to treat your desi taste buds. It is of course a fusion experiment and this one is very tempting for the momo lovers. One can get both veg and non-veg tandoori momos and pick according to their choices.

Kothey Momos

These momos are mainly half steamed and half fried and these momos have elongated shapes. The filling is mainly of vegetables or one can also use various kinds of meats and chicken or pork is mainly used in these momos.

Steamed Momos

According to many dieticians and nutritionists, steamed momos can be a perfect inclusion in one’s regular healthy diet. The look like half-moons which have a thick flour wrapping and inside it there are juicy chinks of soya bean, paneer or chicken. Chunks of boiled fishes can be there as well. They all are mixed with very soft spices inside as a filling. These dumplings are best enjoyed in winter evenings with a bowl of piping hot soup.

Cheese Chicken Momos

This one is soft and delicious and all the credit goes to the melting cheese inside the momo. Here, one needs juicy minced chicken and some hot cheese to make the filling of the momo. A very little spice and the regular recipe will serve you with these delicacies.

You can also go with a bowl of chicken broth soup along with momos. This is also a lovely combination.


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