Facts to Consider While Buying Property in Delhi

buy properties in Delhi

When you invest in a property, you have to shell out a huge amount of money. It is therefore important that you should look at the following facts carefully before you buy properties in Delhi.

1). Price: This is one of the most important points that you have to keep in mind when looking for commercial properties for sale. When you know the exact price band in which you have to stay to buy a property, then it becomes easier for you to focus on properties at those prices only.

2). Area: After you have fixed your budget, the next important thing is to look at your area requirements. And when you are looking at the area, then don’t go with the entire area as it may include many common areas like carpark, elevators, and others. Look at the carpet area as it will tell you exactly what area you are getting.

3). Documents: Once you have identified the right commercial property for sale then the next task is to look at the documents related to the property. Some of the essential documents that you need to scrutinize properly before buying the property.

  • Title deed: This document tells you about the chain of ownership. It is essential to look at this document as it will tell you whether the person who is selling the property has the right to sell the property or not.
  • Sanctioned building plan: This document comes attached with the title deed of the property and it tells you whether the apartment you wish to buy was built as per the legal plan or not.
  • Completion certificate: the municipal authorities issue this document when the entire project is complete and the apartments have all the facilities that are needed to reside there.
  • Tax receipts: If it is a second-hand property, they always insist on the current tax receipt from the owner. This will ensure that the taxes for the property has already been paid for otherwise you have to pay the backlogs from your own pocket after purchasing the property.
  • Encumbrance certificate: This document proves that the property that you want to purchase is in no way encumbered in the mortgage or any other legal charges.
  • The mother deed: If the property dealer has developed a plot and selling the units individually, then looking at the mother deed is important. It will tell you whether the builder has the ownership of the entire area of the building complex.
  • Mutation papers: This document specifies the name of the owner of the property and its location.

After you have gathered all the information and looked through all the documents, the next task is to look into the reputation of the builder. It is important because it will tell you what quality of materials he uses in his projects and whether is there if you face any problems after you buy the apartment.

After you have verified all these then you can go ahead and buy the property of your dream and live there happily with your family.

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