Own Your Real Estate In Delhi NCR and be a Part of the Growth Momentum

The lure of real estate can never go out of reckoning, come demonetization or any other policy decision. Yes, its fortunes may wax and wane with the varying impact of factors that determine its viability such as inflation, consumers’ purchasing power, overall investment climate, or law and order among others, but can never lose its overall appeal. The reason is simple – India’s burgeoning population needs housing and with increased influx of people into urban centres, real estate is perhaps the only sector that faces the maximum impact.
Besides, as the central government embarks upon a plan to develop 20 smart cities, real estate has become the real focus area. So, where does that leave you and me in the overall scheme of things? Well, the answer is in waiting for the opportunity to fructify or better, strike when the iron is hot. In other words, buying a piece of real estate now will always stand you in good stead, for the prices will only appreciate in the days to come.
Where to look for real estate?
Buying real estate in any part of India is lucrative provided it falls near a bustling metropolis or would be smart city. A smart city is envisioned with great infrastructure such as roads, educational hubs, hospitals, stadia, shopping arcades, parking lots, business and commercial centres, entertainment hotspots, and transport hubs, among others.
In this aspect, Delhi NCR arguably meets all the criteria with the exception that, instead of things being envisioned a la smart cities, most of the infrastructure described above are already in a state of readiness. Thus, it is profitable to contact real estate developers in Delhi NCRto scout for real estate there and be a part of the success story.  
Why Delhi NCR?
Over the years Delhi NCR, especially Greater Noida and Noida extension have emerged as commercial and housing hubs with many real estate magnates making the region their playfields. In fact, Noida has become an important centre for the service centre industry especially the IT and ITES sectors where thousands of people have found their livelihood.
With livelihood comes the need for places to stay and allied infrastructure where one can partake in activities like shopping, entertainment, and sports, not to speak of the need for good educational institutions, better waste disposal facilities, hospitals, and transport. And with the presence of Budh international circuit, arguably the only world class centre for Formula One car races in the country, Delhi NCR has just hit the ace as far as hitting the benchmark of high-end infrastructure is concerned.
Also, the very fact that prominent real estate developers in Delhi NCR have made the region their playfield has resulted in the setting up of a number of housing societies replete with landscape gardens, facilities for kids and elderly, jogging tracks, parking spaces and other amenities. The icing on the cake is the presence of top-notch security facilities in such societies where the use of modern security gadgets such as CCTV, hand-held metal detectors, presence of high perimeter fencing, and manned points of ingress & egress by trained and trusted manpower renders any unauthorized entry well nigh impossible. This is not to speak of the high preparedness of such personnel in dealing with emergencies like fire.
In addition to the presence of top-notch private real estate developers in Delhi NCR, the Delhi Development Authority too has plans to build massive housing colonies, mostly to cater to the low and middle income groups, in their drive to provide housing for all.
Moreover, the top-notch designing of these housing societies make them the cynosure of all eyes and a must go area for people scouting for residence.

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